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They really are scared shitless of shale, aren\’t they?

Worth reading this in full.

They\’re thrashing around for anything, absolutely anything. Cuadrilla has halted experimentation in order to do an environmental study.

The cessation of drilling is another blow to Cuadrilla, which has so far

invested more than 100m in the UK over the past three years but has so far

fracked at only site.

What? Voluntarily doing more eonvironmental checking is a blow to the company? Eh?

And they have acres of space devoted to a Minister complaining that he wasn\’t told about an event that he didn\’t need to be told about. But which he was told about.

This is actually getting amusing.

13 thoughts on “They really are scared shitless of shale, aren\’t they?”

  1. Excellent bit of scientific observation over there in the Graun comments;

    “Fracking is stupid”

    That’s it then. The voice of reason has spoken.

  2. @bis

    Yup. Total ignorance dressed up as radical chic right-on ‘I luv the environment’.

    I just had my gas bill for February. It was cold and I live in a big house, have a powerful Jotul woodburning cassette, but f*** me. Shan’t tell you how much, but I was shocked,

    All the serious lit. (and I recommend the ei at Texas Uni’s report, currently unavailable due to a peer-review process) leads me to believe that fracking is probably the least harmful way of getting stuff out of the ground. But hey, let’s not get evidence get in the way.

  3. It is reported that the number of deaths of the aged has risen dramatically this winter. Something like an extra 5000 deaths. The question is, how many more deaths are required before people turn against these green pontificating pricks?

    Fracking will happen, and all I am interested in is buying shares in UK companies that do the dirty deed. I just hope that you keep us posted on that aspect Tim.

  4. In your home town of Bath this evening there’s a public debate between British Methane, who want to test shale gas near Keynsham, and the opposition. A quick look around Twitter suggests that the antis will be out in force and it might get a bit tasty. I am gutted not to be able to make it.

  5. “halted experimentation in order to do an environmental study”

    There. That oughtta do it. Because studies always trump real life.

  6. There was more.

    I’m not sure why they should be scared shitless. Muck cheap gas + green taxation to keep consumer prices high = loads of revenue to HM Treasury for the do-gooders to wet themselves with glee over.

  7. OMV the Austrian oil company threw in the towel with shale, just up the road from where I live in NE Austria. They had to put in so many environmental impact assessments, that they said it wasn’t worth their while (i.e. couldn’t be arsed) they estimated that there was enough gas in this field to make Austria self-sufficient for 20-30 years.

  8. Here’s to Cuadrilla investing more than a hundred million in the UK every three years.

    Can’t see their problem really.

  9. Bemused Bystander

    Yeah, I called this a week or so ago. Silly Greenies.

    On a similar note, why is EDF persuing a civil case against a bunch of fruitcakes “anti-democratic” per Monbiot et al but a criminal case isn’t?

  10. BB @ 10,

    How about this? Civil actions are to recover damages. But EDF had no hope of recovering any money. Their costs would far exceed anything they would ever recover. So they are just trying to send a message to others. Is that OK?

    If the message is “commit criminal damage/trespass to our property and we will bankrupt you” , that may be OK. But if the message is “Protest/speak against us and we will bankrupt you”, I think that would be anti-democratic.

    I reckon EDF is probably in the first category in this case. But I am not so convinced of all lawsuits against protesters/whistle blowers.

  11. It does occur to me that there may be some upsides to our idiotic politicans and their greenie hangers on doing their worst to block shale gas extraction.

    Often with technology, being late to the party brings with it upsides rather than downsides – early oil and gas fields, for example, were often near wrecked by badly planned wells in the wrong places, people extracting gas instead of oil (I forget the field name, but IIRC there was a major field that could have yeilded huge amounts of oil, has the gas(worth a tiny fraction of the oils value) not been drawn off first) etc etc.

    Gas is also still fairly cheap right now – it would be handy to hit a massive glut of it when Europe is even more reliant on Russia for the stuff than they are now.

    The way I look at it, the UK’s shale gas resources aren’t going away – and thus sooner or later the day will come when we are allowed to extract it. (It I was a gambler I’d say aprox 10-15 years time for mass extraction).

  12. Bemused Bystander

    “I reckon EDF is probably in the first category in this case.”

    Yep. There’s a big difference between actual peaceful protest and committing trespass and vandalism. Then again, a lot of the student rioters who smashed up Millbank were “peaceful protesters” so maybe I’m just not au fait with the definitions our Designated Heroes give to certain phrases.

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