They really do want their ID cards, don\’t they?

British citizens could be forced to carry ID cards to access free NHS care as part of crackdown on health tourism

Any excuse will do. For the bureaucracy just hates the idea that we can wadner around unidentified. Almost as if we owned the country.

13 thoughts on “They really do want their ID cards, don\’t they?”

  1. We already have an NHS personal number. All that needs to be done is for the patient to give that number on arriving at reception. Job done.

  2. Anyone with more than about five minutes political memory will recall that Labour’s original ID card idea was for an “entitlement card” to access public services.

  3. Nothing will change until the interior ministry is razed, it’s inhabitants forcibly sold into bondage and the ground it stands on is sown with salt pour encourager les autres.

    The permanent govt has wanted ID cards for their administrative convienence for 6 decades now. They had to be forced to abolish them post war.

  4. I just don’t understand why all these immigrants would want to queue up to be murdered at the hands of the National Death Service.

  5. @JohnB I just dont understand why all these immigrants would want to queue up to be murdered at the hands of the National Death Service.

    I wonder how many people travel to use the NHS from – say – Germany?

    Therein lies the answer to your fatuous question.

  6. @ Kevin Lohse
    Yes, we have an NHS personal number. How many people remember it?
    They changed my number from four letters three digits to a lot of digits and didn’t tell me. I only found out when someone asked me for my NHS number and I told them whereupon I was told it was out-of-date. I was told to find out the new one by three methods, one of which was going to my local GP surgery, which was closed, the second, I was told, was that it was on my latest prescription – it wasn’t; I cannot even remember the third which didn’t work either. I have since been told the number which is utterly unmemorable by my local GP surgery, wasting staff time, but if I was admitted to A&E after being knocked down by a car or cyclist on the pavement* I should not recall it. What about those unconscious when they arrive at hospital?
    If you are mugged and have your wallet stolen, what happens to your ID card?

    *I have been knocked down by Volvos twice – once on a zebra crossing, once on a road closed to traffic during a marathon – and by a cyclist on a footpath. The local (socialist) council had failed to mention that the cycle track had been moved onto a footpath. I was more worried about the old boy who fell off his bike as a result

  7. Ian B, from what you say, you weren’t knocked down by a cyclist on the pavement; rather you heartlessly and/or recklessly knocked over a senior citizen going about his lawful business. Damn pedestrians don’t have to pay pavement tax or buy insurance.

  8. The answer to the ID card was no and the answer to this is no also. Lets see them tell people to their face to submit to their bullshit or suffer and maybe die.

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