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This doesn\’t change anything at all

Sickness being attributed to wind turbines is more likely to have been caused by people getting alarmed at the health warnings circulated by activists, an Australian study has found.

Because of course we take mental health seriously now, don\’t we?

10 thoughts on “This doesn\’t change anything at all”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So let’s apply the same logic to everyone who claims a food allergy, thinks “electronic smog” exists, complains about passive smoking, is afraid that pesticides cause cancer or believes a word that Hellen Caldicot says. Whatever that logic is.

    Psychological worries can have adverse health consequences. The victims of Three Mile Island seem to have been affected more by Green scare mongering than radiation resulting in actual cancers. The question is who should be held responsible.

  2. If this is the case, why isn’t everyone getting sick by the constant health warnings reported by the media?

  3. If this is the case why isnt everyone getting sick by the constant health warnings reported by the media?

    A lot of people probably are. Consider the number of reported allergies, vague and sprawling collections of symptoms aggregated into syndromes, etc.

  4. So Much For Subtlety, please do not suggest that claiming an allergy is a psychological issue. Some of us die from allergies. As your throat closes up and you stop breathing its not pleasant, not pleasant at all.
    I live with my allergy daily as do many other people.

  5. Allergies are certainly real. The argument is whether there is nowadays a large amount of reporting of allergies that aren’t really allergies at all, but psychosomatic symptoms.

  6. Can always leave us to die. If we swell up and die as a result of something (and food is a popular one but by no means the full range of allergies) then can say that the deceased died as a result of allergy.

    Some of us use social media to discuss ideas, limitations, what to avoid, media stories etc. And medical help, commonly adreniline injection to extend life a few minutes while awaiting medical aid. . Specific groups for particular allergies.

  7. Bystander: think you’re missing the point here a bit. People *are* getting sick from the constant bullshit health warnings reported by the media, including most of the things SMFS cites. That’s what this study, and most others, have found (we can add HT cables and mobile phones to the long list).

  8. Perhaps the people living near the turbines were sick and having health problems prior to the health warnings, but having no obvious cause, they didn’t report them. Once the health problems came to light, they finally had something to report.

    Funnily enough, Simon Chapman, the author of the report, is dead against smoking and has pushed for smokers to be licensed.

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