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The more the doctors and nurses complain the more we know we\’re getting it right in the reform of the NHS.

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  1. So, might we also say, “the more bankers complain the more we know we’re getting it right in the reform of the banking system”?

  2. Yes Ian B, you are right. Those of us who work powerlessly at the coalface always complain about organisational change imposed from above. Sometimes we are wrong but also quite often we are right.
    Otherwise, to give another example, it would obviously be good to impose heavy regulation and licensing in the blogosphere. The more bloggers complain, the more obviously beneficial it must be.

  3. The arrogance of the medics is astounding.

    They have the gall to write letters like this one while the papers are still full of stuff about how their precious producer-dominate system resulted in thousands of un-necessary deaths in Stafford, and no doubt many more yet to be discovered or already successfully covered up.

    The sense of entitlement is awesome.

  4. Actually, Andrew Duffin, one of the key lessons of Mid-Staffs is that major re-orgs tend to take management’s eye off the ball (read up on their efforts to beome a Foundation Trust). That the elderly were being crated up on under-staffed, under-resourced wards (I know, I’ve worked in places like that) was an especially ghastly consequence of a dysfunctional target-dominated culture, combined with drastic cost-saving. The major re-org (i.e. the one they said wouldn’t happen) that the ConDems are now embarking on will do nothing for such patients – how, for example, do you think Serco makes money on its OOH ‘service’? How will hiving off profitable elective surgery in the generally fit n’ well serve the needs of vulnerable patients with acute-on-chronic illness? How will spiriting off profits whilst depending upon NHS infrastructure & workforce training (a la the loss-leading Circle) improve provision? It’s a major cluster-fcuk – and the fact that Tim presents the concerns voiced by the frontline as the squeals of ‘vested interests’ speaks volumes for his understanding of what is going on. Because, quite frankly, he has a shitty understanding of what is happening – & I’m just waiting for him to wheel out his one-trick vignette about aspirin and comely maidens as proof that everything will be ok. Nobody down ‘ere on the ground pretends that the NHS is perfect – our chief worry is that things are going to be made much worse… except, of course, for those sitting in the boardrooms of Virgin, Care UK, Cinven, Harmoni etc ad nauseaum. And speaking of that merry gang, platitudes about “competition” are a joke – because it’s certainly not how things are shaping up, whatever Monitor (for which, read McKinsey) is pretending.

    As above, I will be campaigning for drastic reform of the blogosphere – and using the squeals of bloggers as evidence that we are “getting it right”.

  5. Quite right, lost_nurse

    The amount of squeals on here warrants the entire closure of media outlets for the so-called libertarians. Basically it’s hang them, boil them, have aggresive sex with them and condone their actions based on me-have-thing-cos-i-stronger-penis.

    When that fails, as it always does, then let’s have a laugh at typos! yay!

    Give up politics, Timothy, and concentrate on gays and tits, also your site is deletin my posts, mainly aimed at Penis the Penis with its six year old views on everything.

    Murphy runs rings around your pre-pubescent cut/pasting from ludicrous US charlatans.

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