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Why we can\’t have the same freedom to roam in the UK as they do in the Nordics.

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  1. Please don’t confuse the UK (or Britain in the linked article) with England. Scotland, at least, has never had quite the same trespass law as England and we have had the right to roam – with sensible limitations – for nearly a decade. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    They shouldn’t have the right to roam in the Nordic countries either. And they won’t for long.

    As long as everyone is willing to play nice, stick to the paths, pick up their rubbish and so on, such laws can work. Which means they tend to work in areas of high ethnic homogeniety. Which the Nordic countries used to be, but they aren’t any more.

    So as the indigenous population becomes a minority, they will have to change their laws. Assuming their minorities take up a passion for wandering of course. Britain’s don’t show much sign of it so far.

  3. Norway 18800 square miles per million
    Scotland 5700 square miles per million
    England 1000 square miles per million
    (approximate figures).

  4. When I lived in (and owned) a simple Victorian terraced house in one of our increasingly gang/drug-blighted inner-cities the residents attempted to have gates errected on the back and side ginnels to prevent said gangs stealing, and damaging our stuff. It should have been simple enough, as the ginnels were actually private property, part of the land of the adjacent houses. There were gates up until about 1940 as well, when they were taken down for the war.

    The fucking arseholes at the Ramblers’ Association objected on the grounds of public right of way. I’ve since moved on but there are still no gates. And I rather doubt any Rambler has rambled up there, except to get some crack.

    Fuck public rights of way. They become public rights of loitering, drug dealing, intimidation and mischief. Because people aren’t the rational enlightenment gentlemen of good liberal thought, they are mostly fucking arseholes.

  5. SE and Eddy, I’m not sure about Scotland. No-one has ever stopped me in England, whether on a footpath or not (admittedly I don’t spend a great deal of time wandering the countryside). I have been stopped on a footpath in Scotland because they were deer culling “today didn’t you see the sign?.” The “culling in progress today” sign was metal and stuck in several feet of concrete.

    Not that I particularly disagree with the original post. In some places in the States access (and hunting) are rationed by lottery. I think you can sell you right to raft a river/shoot a moose.

  6. I don’t get this. The Countryside And Rights of Way Act gives one the right to roam on most open land. What more does Kirby want? Freedom to pitch his tent where he chooses, apparently: he doesn’t say why he thinks he knows better than the National Trust whether this would be a good idea.

    On the other hand, Tim’s point about Kinder Scout is misleading. The National Trust does not see access for walkers (which already exists) as a major problem: its regeneration plan involves keeping the sheep out but letting the walkers in.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    PaulB – “The National Trust does not see access for walkers (which already exists) as a major problem: its regeneration plan involves keeping the sheep out but letting the walkers in.”

    So they prefer to get rid of revenue-raising sheep rather than the loss-causing ramblers? Do you really believe that?

    There is nothing they can do about ramblers. They are powerful and they have the law on their side. They can do something about sheep. That does not mean the sheep are the problem. All the evidence I have seen is that the erosion is highly localised. That is, caused by ramblers on paths, not by sheep who wander widely.

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