Vince Cable on jam regulations

Hurrah! Bureaucracy defeated!

European Union rules which have defined jam as having nearly two thirds sugar are to be relaxed, in a boost for Britain’s jam makers.

Hundreds of businesses, voluntary organisations and home cooks will benefit from the change, ministers said.

Previously jam could only be labelled as such if it had more than 60 per cent sugar in it, however under new proposals that figure will fall to 50 per cent.

The difference had created what has been called a “no-jams land” which meant that a preserve with a sugar content between 50 per cent and 60 per cent had no legal name.

Instead anything containing less than 60 per cent had to called a “fruit spread”, while a low sugar jam with less than 50 per cent sugar was a \”conserve\”.

The Government consulting on the Jam and Similar Products (England) Regulations 2003 to change the rules about the amount of sugar required in a conserve, jam or preserve to allow it to b we called a Jam.

Mr Cable said: “This is exactly the sort of ridiculous red tape that we want to do away with. This looks like jam, smells like jam and tastes like a jam – the only thing stopping it being called jam is some outdated rules.

“We want to sweep away unnecessary bureaucracy like this which is costing business time and money and stopping them doing what they should be doing: creating jobs, boosting the economy and in some cases, making jam.”


This isn\’t a set of rules that the UK has the right to alter. For they are indeed EU rules. Either this is being changed for all of the EU, in which case it has fuck all to do with Cable, or it\’s not being changed for all of the EU in which case they cannot do it and Cable\’s fucked.

10 thoughts on “Vince Cable on jam regulations”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Hang on, didn-t I see this on Yes Minister? The bald little bastard wants to take a run for the PM job doesn-t he?

  2. Also it doesn’t look like he’s doing anything to “sweep away unnecessary bureaucracy”.

    The regulations will still be there, the enforcement will still be there, the bureaucrats will still be there.

    All he’s talking about doing is changing the limit from 60% to 50%.

  3. SMFS: No, that was sausages, although both regulations are related to jam in that it’s their means of delivery.

  4. If it takes three years in office to get such a minute amount of progress, perhaps another approach is needed?

  5. Proof, if needed, that politicians have their sticky fingers all over what shouldn’t be their preserve in the first place.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    Matthew, I didn’t mean I had *literally* seen them talk about jam. I mean Yes Minister seems to have thought of this dodge before – attack the EU as a way of gaining national prominence.

    DevonChap and especially Ljh, excellent jobs.

  7. You really can do this, contrary to popular belief. You just can’t call it jam.

    Indeed I’d suggest the best way to market an all-English lower-sugar fruit preserve would be to call it “Maj”.

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