Wales gives me the shits too

Queen forced to cancel trip to Swansea after being struck down with suspected gastroenteritis

5 thoughts on “Wales gives me the shits too”

  1. How dare you insult my alma mater 🙂

    Swansea is a great place, full of good pubs, surrounded by great beaches. The women are decent looking too. What else does a student want?

  2. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

    Totally O/T.

    Watching a prog about Richard III, his skelly being dug up in a Leics car park.

    C14 dating shows that the skelly is not old enough. Step forward bloke who says “Yes, but Dick3 ate a lot of marine fish and this means we have to weight the results and now they are a perfect fit.”

    Three minutes later Chief Archy of Uni of Leics says “This proves Dick3 ate a lot of fish”

    You couldn’t make it up.

    But they can…

  3. My family always took our annual holiday in Wales. After I left home I used to go to Wales for walking and climbing trips. Then I stopped. I stopped spending my money in Wales because I got sick of being insulted by the Welsh for the crime of being English.

    Wales gave me the shits.

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