Well that was all a bit close then. England v Italy.

I tend to think that Italy were the better team on the pitch today. Unlucky not to win that.

And I admit to wanting Italy to beat England at some point. I think would would be good for the Six Nations in the long run as and when Italy become proper competitors for the title.

But not this year, eh? Please? Not with a Grand Slam match to come against Wales…

2 thoughts on “Well that was all a bit close then. England v Italy.”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Give me defeat, Lord, just not yet?

    But hoping for Italy to win is nothing. I can never watch Argentina walk out on the pitch without wanting them to win. Then they play and I usually remember why they don-t and I shouldn-t.

    Still, Go Pumas!

    No one going to comment on the Scotland v. Wales refereeing?

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