Yeah, visiting the uranium factory could do that

Ahmadinejad also said he believed something \”suspicious\” caused Chávez\’s cancer.

13 thoughts on “Yeah, visiting the uranium factory could do that”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Of course he means the Jews did it.

    It will be interesting to use this as a shibboleth – all those who entertain such ideas for a second are not worth listening, but unfortunately, and bar anything short of a drone strike, will be.

  2. But the US and Israel had made friends with Chavez, it couldn’t have been them. Why only 18 months ago they gave him a lovely glow in the dark desk ornament as a present.

    (shamelessly nicked from sickipedia)

  3. Well we know it wasn’t the russians – they would have just given him radiation poisoning.

    And Venezuela’s medical care is so good that no-one there ever gets cancer.

  4. You people complain too much. Tim’s post’s are perfectly readable. I think you’re imagining stuff.

  5. @8
    Think it may be browser specific. Some are interpreting certain characters, the one on the snail key you don’t shift for, for instance, as an instruction.

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