A short memo to whoever wants to be the next US president

Run the Boston Marathon next year.

Walk it even.

A landslide I tell ya.

9 thoughts on “A short memo to whoever wants to be the next US president”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    Is that “race related” in terms of actual races, or in terms of whatever definition Dave insists the majority of the world uses?

    Is it “racism” if you get annoyed by people running in packs, forcing you off the pavement?

    Am I racist if I think that a worryingly large number of cyclists are “lycra louts” whose activities cause terror on both pavement and road users?

  2. A political stunt at next year’s Boston marathon will be long forgotten by the time they elect the next prez.

  3. Surreptitious Evil

    He was punning.

    People differ as to whether this should be punished via execution or merely permanent social shunning.

  4. Ah yes, I’d missed that heated racism debate… To clarify, I meant the running race kind. I will commit hara kari for the pun at the earliest opportunity.

  5. Mr [email protected]

    I once missed a really obvious piece of sarcasm on this blog. So I do appreciate right now you’ll feel the colour drained from your cheeks and your rectal passage full to bursting. Go for a run mate, you’ll find the feeling will, er, pass.

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