Doesn\’t this just kill Julie Bindel\’s argument?

Interesting piece about the sex industry.

Journalist goes undercover working as a maid in London brothels.

Lots of foreign women working, yes. Many without papers, smuggled in even.

Trafficked, sex slaves, not so much.

7 thoughts on “Doesn\’t this just kill Julie Bindel\’s argument?”

  1. Google the blog–The Honest Courtesan. It will demolish the trafficking bollocks once and for all (The Relief of Trafficking?). It is on a par with the satanic panic.

  2. ‘The relief of Trafficking’… v good, Mr Ecks.

    What I’ve never understood is why anyone would traffic women to work in brothels (or anywhere else)? Our borders are not exactly difficult to overcome, and there are loads of people wandering in anyway.

  3. Look at the numbers. If you’re getting 540/girl/day (OK, those may be good days), after costs, that’s still a very good income. Why risk that (which at worst will get you living off immoral earnings) for a far longer conviction for slavery?

    That’s quite an accurate picture of a brothel. Tough bitch in charge, lots of poor single mothers with few academic options looking for a better life.

  4. Surreptitious Evil

    Any evidence which does not support her prejudice will be dismissed as irrelevant.

    Just as any evidence which supports her prejudice will be publicly lauded, no matter how weak or how pitiful the methodology.

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