Erm, excuse me Mr. Milliband….

The Labour leader will use a keynote speech to argue that Britain needs a new economic model that rejects the “orthodoxies of the 1980s”, such as the dominance of the financial services sector over heavy industry.

Finance, wholesale finance as in The City, provides some 4% of GDP. Industry provides 12% or so.

What dominance?

11 thoughts on “Erm, excuse me Mr. Milliband….”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I think he means bankers get to invest where they like, and so manufacturing has to do what they are told if they want the cash.

    So he wants the Unions to be able to direct our pensions to support their members overpaid feather bedded jobs. Because the 70s were not bad enough. We have to do the Time Warp again

  2. To be precise Milliband did say “heavy industry”.

    Does the UK actually have any heavy industry at all these days ? Outside of the defence industry.

    And did Milliband actually mean heavy industry ?

  3. Heavy industry. State tractor factories will be needed to manufacture tractors for state farms to give us sufficiency in self-grown food.

  4. Has Ed Miliband ever had a real job in the real economy, or is he one of those strange creatures who has floated from student politics to grown up politics with no achievements of note in between?

    It seems his plan is to get rid of all this free market stuff and have the economy run by people like himself and Ed Balls. What could possibly go wrong?

  5. Surreptitious Evil

    He had a year working as a researcher on the Channel 4 “A Week in Politics” show. So, certainly not the “real economy” and, as far as I can see, the only “achievement” was attracting the eye of Harriet Harman.

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