Explaining @RichardJMurphy

Parasites don’t usually like the idea of their hosts being able to escape into freedom.

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  1. Hello, I’m watching Question Time with Farrage and I’m sorry to say, despite his big balls, he is a twat of the highest order

    and of course the Mash has it right


    that aside, he’s being shat on. He’s just a clown.

    Like Worstall, just demented ideas based on nothing.

    Murphy is pushing ideas to curb the excesses of ideas makers like Worstall, it’s no wonder why Worstall is utterly obsessed with the man.

    It’s mental illness, Tim.

  2. But I think it’s inevitable that, despite the open racist fascists in their midst, that Ukip should do well in the upcoming locals and council elections. With all the Pickles-y/Tory-LibDem paper shuffling, it would be interesting to see how they would be UKipish, red in tooth and claw (sic, and crap). Maybe like the English Democratic Mayor of Doncaster (i think off-hand). And all his mates

    oh that was ot

  3. Arnald, so you dislike the idea of people being able to take property/money out of a country. I guess that stems from your hostility to property rights in the first place (as shared by Murphy, at least when it does not affect him personally). Which ironically is a sort of “fascist” belief, if you think about it. Saying that people should seek permission before moving some money abroad, to avoid such evil “tax competition”, is exactly the sort of “fascist” attitude that you claim to be so upset about.

    FWIW, I don’t particularly care for UKIP precisely due to some of its protectionist attitudes and nationalistic posturing on certain issues.

  4. Arnald, you still haven’t answered my question? What happened with Solar Resources Ltd? Do I need to ask around elsewhere? I’m just interested.

  5. @bod; we’ve all thought that at some point. But it seems not. It seems A is just a troll. I dare say he posts hagiographies to Tim at Murphy’s blog to get them going there.

  6. Interested

    There’s nothing to find. I did CoSec duties when a family member was forced redundant and reemployed as a consultant for a year or so. It meant he lost most of his pension, but hey ho that’s the private sector for you. From school leaver to retirement in the same company and treated like dirt.

    The name was an auto-generated by Registry.

    And yeah I did troll this post, just because it was empty and I find Farage hilarious.

    But generally, you lot are nutters through and through.

  7. Bet Arnald & Murphy would support a law “Governing Restriction on Foreign Currency, ” requiring that whoever has an account in a foreign country would have to have permission of the government. Under such a law, it would be punishable to transfer property abroad or leave it abroad; the property of a culprit would be forfeited to the State.

  8. Surreptitious Evil

    I did CoSec duties when a family member was forced redundant and reemployed as a consultant for a year or so. It meant he lost most of his pension, but hey ho that’s the private sector for you

    Compulsory redundancy and he lost his pension? Either he signed a very stupid contract or you are lying. Perfectly happy that he got less pension entitlement than if he had remained employed – but that’s a very, very different thing.

    Also, would you mind explaining in which jurisdiction this took place? Because making somebody compulsorily redundant and then re-employing them as a consultant is usually illegal in the UK.

  9. I suppose it should been forced early retirement. He lost the benefit that the extra few years would have accrued.

    All of my bosses when I worked at CSC were ex full time employees re-employed as consultants on 6 month rolling contracts. We had to buy our own stationery there too. And they screwed up the NHS IT system. The private sector is SO much better than anything else.

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