How pleasing

Margaret Hodge pontificates. Hoi polloi respond in the comments.

It would appear that the good work being done by Christie Malry and the like is actually getting the true story out.

16 thoughts on “How pleasing”

  1. RM outdoes himself in the article comments: “That’s sophistry! Amazon have a permanent establishment wherever I happen to have my computer when looking at their website. I am in Norfolk right now, so they have a permanent establishment in Norfolk.”

    There are not the words …

  2. English definite article before Greek phrases, please Tim.
    We re English speakers here, not pedantic academic tosspots.

  3. Candidly, Hopper, you are a vile neoliberalist. Eventually, the Curajus Stayt will deal with you and your ilk.
    It won’t be pretty.
    But it will be deserved.
    And I shall be king.
    Or possibly chanceller.
    That has yet to be decided.
    But I shall be something important, and, candidly, ye shall tremble at my mighty works.

  4. Surreptitious Evil

    Was that the LHTD volunteering for a double amputation of the legs? And the throwing away of the unimportant upper bits?

    Although I certainly despair at the seriousness his works are give by the putatively ‘Mighty’.

  5. Is that the real Murphy commenting on the Hodge article? I’m losing the ability to spot the difference with the spoof accounts.

  6. I do like Murphy’s (if it is he) comment “Companies like Starbucks make a mockery of our system. They come here and deliberately obey the law, implementing transactions on an arms-length basis.”
    Deliberately obey the law indeed.

  7. Muphry Richards is very definitely not Richard Murphy. Except, perhaps, in the philosophical sense where he is the argumentum ad absurdum of Richard Murphy (or, at least, his public pronouncements. I retain the nagging suspicion, however unlikely it may seem, that Murphy is actually aware of the foolishness of what he preaches but, like a tele-evangelist, is sticking to it for the adulation and a fair amount of cash.)

    And I suspect Richard Murphy at #6, even if it is ‘a’ real Richard Murphy, is not the LHTD.

  8. Candidly, Surreptitititous Evil, you are engaging in neoliberal sophistry.

    Which is what I expected from you.

    In fact, I said so to my wife this morning.

    She had left the kitchen for some reason at that point, but had she been there she would have agreed. Undoubtedly.

    And let us not pretend that the name you hide behind, like the right-wing coward you are, has no particular meaning.

    It does.

    It was assigned to you, by you, for a reason.

    And what is that reason?

    Candidly, what does ‘Surreptitititous’ mean?

    It means hidden from view.

    And what is ‘Evil’?

    The non-payment of taxes, whether due or not.

    So we see you for what you really are: an apologist for the 1% who are dragging this country to its knees. Or perhaps it’s 10%. Or even 50%. The figures are difficult, I admit.

    I’m prepared to listen to arguments either way, and then make the decision for everyone.

    But to argue otherwise is mere sophistry.

    Clearly, and, I have to say, candidly, you are trolling this blog.

    You have nothing of intellectual value to add beyond smear and innuendo.

    Thus, I have no alternative but to block you.

  9. Surreptitious Evil

    let us not pretend that the name you hide behind … has no particular meaning.

    I don’t … Or was that the ‘royal “we”‘?

  10. Bloke (for which, candidly, we must read ‘tax exile’) in Spain: you are also trolling, and thus are also now blocked from commenting on this blog.

    Your tactics are transparent, and I have transparented them.

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