Nick Shaxson calls for the return of colonialism

So the BVI does stuff that Nick Shaxson doesn\’t like. Damn pesky natives not doing what a gnome in Zurich insists they should do. Thus he states that:

If ever there were a call for intervention to ensure good government, this is it.

Yep, send in the gunboasts to stop those damn uppitty darkies doping what we white metropolitian liberals insist they should not. Be like Zanzibar all over again, finished off in a mornin\’, eh?

And people wonder why I keep insisting that the left are the most conservative group in the UK today.

6 thoughts on “Nick Shaxson calls for the return of colonialism”

  1. I’ve been amazed at lefty nostalgia for the 1970s that is so in evidence today.

    And yet they always complain about Daily Mail readers having a delusional hankering after a mythical past.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    KMcC – “they-re the most reactionary, not the most conservative.”

    Hey! I resent that.

    But it is good to see Shaxson on board. I suggest we start with Anjou!

    But no doubt he is one of these gutless Euro-weenies who thinks that colonialism is bad if done by any one White country (as long as they are not French), but perfectly fine if it is done by a group of them under some UN banner.

  3. @ Shinsei

    There’s a lot less of it if you cross out everything coming from people who weren’t actually there.

    It’s one thing for people to form opinions on Thatcher based on history books and second-hand accounts.. but this romanticising about northern industrial life pre-Thatcher, from comfortably middle-class metropolitan liberals who’s only experience of factories is distinctly post their being converted into TwatFlats, really fucking irks me. I’m not sure whether that’s despite the fact that I am largely one of those sorts of people, or *because* I am.

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