Now this is a surprise, isn\’t it?

\”HMRC acknowledges that the estimates assume employers currently operate a standard approach to PAYE and that the figures may not take into account bespoke arrangements that employers or their agents may have put in place to suit their particular organisations\”.

\”Such bespoke arrangements are not currently visible to HMRC,\” it added. \”HMRC will not be in a position to update analysis of the impacts on business until summer 2013, once the pilot is complete and further evidence on the extent of bespoke arrangements can be gathered in the early stages of the main roll-out.\”

Central planning doesn\’t know about the ways in which, in detail, people manage their affairs.

We are all very surprised indeed, aren\’t we?

5 thoughts on “Now this is a surprise, isn\’t it?”

  1. I never actually expected them to do this, it seems mad. I assumed ‘surely they aren’t mad? (though I work in energy and they are)

    We cant even blame the EU, maybe its a strategy to get more UK people onto benefits?

  2. No no no Tim, you’re really just not with-it at all. Utopia is just one more planning system away. Shame on you for being so negative.

  3. John,

    The plan with this seems to be to finally transition from a welfare state in which people work, and are then helped if they are in distress, to a system in which everyone just gets “funding” in various proportions from the State and private income in a kind of homogenised gloop.

    The New Class (of which bumhole mouth is a typical example) see the three sectors as indistinguishable, since they wander at will between them themselves, and everyone is being forced into the same paradigm. That’s apparently what this Universal Credit monstrosity is intended to achieve, so far as I can tell.

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