Please do fuck off you wankers

Much is being said about how to eradicate poverty. Allow me to translate some of this for you:

To eradicate poverty, the international community should pursue a wider and more far-reaching approach to development than was captured in the millennium development goals (MDGs), European thinktanks said on Tuesday.

Although poverty should remain a core focus of the new agenda, the objective should be to tackle its causes by adopting a more inclusive and sustainable development model that emphasises jobs and addresses inequality, according to the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the European Centre for Development Policy Management and the German Development Institute.

Looking at the differing experiences of Nepal, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Peru, the European report on development stressed the importance of \”national ownership\”. The four were found to confirm the central importance of domestic political and economic policies as well as the external environment in creating opportunities or difficulties.

The report called on richer countries to collaborate in areas important to development such as international financial regulation, trade, migration and climate change. In a message to the EU in particular, the report called on member states to live up to the principle of policy coherence on development (PCD).

Sigh. And the real kicker is here:

\”Official development assistance [ODA] targets will not be reached\”

So, what\’s actually happening out there? ODA targets will not be reached but we\’re actually well ahead of beating the targets for poverty reduction. Thus these tossers are arguing that we must have much more aid, much more government, in the eradication of poverty. The reason they are saying this?

Because they cannot possibly admit what has actually been reducing poverty. That neoliberalism, that globalisation unrestrained and chaotically ungoverned, that has been doing the job. We\’re ahead of the poverty reduction targets, behind on what governments were supposed to be doing. Thus, obviously, it\’s what governments have not been doing that has been reducing the poverty. But, if we then said, great, let\’s do more of what governments aren\’t doing then how could anyone get a nice job telling governments what they should be doing?

Quite: at which point the fuckers can toss off. What\’s more important, that the poor get rich or that a few have nice jobs telling everyone how they ought to get rich?

Let rip with the capitalism and hang the bureaucrats say I.

6 thoughts on “Please do fuck off you wankers”

  1. They don’t want the poor to get rich. They want the poor to not have poverty. The intention is to raise everyone above the breadline, and no more. If they get rich, they will have luxuries and become fat and diabetic and lose the bond of blood and soil and all those terrible things that wealth brings.

    The last thing they want is for the poor to get rich. That would be awful.

  2. Looking at the differing experiences of Nepal, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Peru, the European report on development stressed the importance of “national ownership”.

    I’d love to see how they came up with that conclusion. A cursory look at African development, and the giant, Soviet-funded nationalised industries which were set up post-independence, shows a considerably different picture.

  3. Peru!! There-s nothing left in public ownership here now. And the result? 6%+ growth for 15 years. Wankers.

  4. They want the poor to not have poverty

    I’m not even sure about that, in the final analysis. If there is no poverty, then the wankers can’t go round telling people what to do, and bringing up a picture of a starving child every time someone tells them to fuck off, and screaming “oh, you want THIS to happen, then, do you?”

    But I agree in as much as the last thing they want is for people to manage to become leisured and propertied, at which point they might start to wonder whether they should really be listening to a white middle class man wearing sandals.

  5. Looking at the differing experiences of Nepal, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Peru

    Maoist insurgency, genocide, genocide-but-for-western-military, Maoist insurgency. Cherry picking examples is so much fun!

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