Quite how true this is I\’m not sure

I would certainly expect some of it to be true:

Here the late-president\’s family owns 17 country estates, totalling more than 100,000 acres, in addition to liquid assets of $550 million (£360 million) stored in various international bank accounts, according to Venezuelan news website Noticias Centro.

While ordinary Venezuelans suffer growing food shortages and 23 per cent inflation, the Chavez family trades in US dollars that now fetch four times the official bank rate on the black market.

Living in numerous mansions in Alto Barinas, the city\’s most affluent district, the family and their children live a life of privilege, says Mr Azuaje, whose wife left him to marry into wealth and now lives next to the Chavez mansions.

\”My daughter goes to school with the Chavez kids\”, he explained. \”She told me that the school dining hall has waiting staff to serve and clean up after the kids\”.

Latim American caudillo skims the public revenues is not exactly a new story after all.

But wouldn\’t it be interesting to find out how true it is?

8 thoughts on “Quite how true this is I\’m not sure”

  1. I have seen estimates of both Chavez and Castro having a net worth in the $1bn+ range, but the huge problem with these numbers is that supporters who really know won’t say because “he might be a thieving bastard but he’s OUR thieving bastard” and any estimates usually come from opposition groups who don’t have real data access but do have reason to inflate the figures. That said, show me a Socialist dictator who hasn’t made a packet…

  2. Pretty standard behaviour from tin-pot leaders of any hue, and socialists in any position of authority. That he speaks Spanish would have been more newsworthy.

  3. Interesting that his heir, in a country supposedly in love with the Socialist dream, only won the election by 300,000 votes.

    Hardly a resounding vote for the Socialist paradise.

  4. According to locals (I was there for 6 months last year) two of the most resented manifestations of the gubmint are the utterly toxic sprawl cronyism and nepotism ridden sprawl of PDVSA which has usurped may functions that normally are done by the state and … an appetite for confiscation of assets, primarily desirable real estate so that the comrades can live it up a bit…

    My understanding (happily stand corrected) is that Chavez won last time by distributing consumer white goods in exchange for votes – remember Venezuela has more oil and gas then Saudi Arabia and people are quite fond of pointing up bizarre Saudi excesses – Venezuela somewhat less so….

  5. Typical lefty.
    Saw an interesting piece on Al-Jazeera (really) about the election, an interview with a PSUV activist who said: ” We make sure that our people are at the polling stations, we say who can vote in the election.”

  6. @Flatcap army – the people who have the details are generally feeding from the same trough, so they have no incentive to reveal all

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