So who is really undermining freedom of the press?

Mediadem closely follows CCMR’s interventionist agenda. In the policy brief co-authored by Dr Craufurd Smith, it said: “Liberal conceptions of media freedom focus on editorial freedom for government interference…. [however] states may also be required to take positive measures to curtail the influence of powerful economic or political groups…. this entails that neither the media, nor those individuals who own or work for the media, enjoy an absolute right to freedom of expression.”

Fairly chilling, eh? And of course this is all linked with hte Hacked Off campaign which is imposing this Royal Charter on us all. And guess who is at the bottom of it all?

Mediadem is only one of at least five concerted and coordinated initiatives being pursued by Brussels to increase its powers over the media dramatically. Another EU programme, MediaAcT, has channelled about £100,000 of European cash directly to a key Hacked Off ally, the Mediawise campaign group.

Yes, you\’re right, it\’s all being funded by EU cash.

Because, of course, it wouldn\’t do if the media in a country were to be generally anti-EU, would it? Must be able to impose \”balance\” in political reporting.

In short we\’d better tell them to fuck off while we still can.

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  1. Interesting, also, to look at Hacked Off’s “partners”-

    Four radical feminist groups, a muslim front group, an eating disorders group, a transexual group, a “yoof media” group, one quaint old Victorian charidee and the Red Cross, who are apparently upset about-

    ” the overwhelmingly treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in the British press”

    No doubt they just accidentally a whole bottle as well.

  2. Do you remember the old days when the Red Cross spent its time giving medical treatment and aid to civilians caught up in conflict or disaster?

  3. Rob (and Ian):

    Do you remember? Yes, I do (76 yrs. old).

    The Red Cross has long seemed a “mixed bag.”

    There’s no denying their ability to provide relief in a wide variety of public-order emergencies involving distribution of aid to the afflicted. But, while I was in high school (graduated 1953), an incident occurred which involved their general political “posture” and cast some light on their point of view (and behavior).

    From whatever quarter, news arose concerning publications distributed among Palestinians, including textbooks used in their public schools, generally disparaging Jews, describing them as apes and pigs, accusing them of using Arab kids as victims to be killed and their blood used for reliious ceromony, etc.

    In hubub following, it was discovered that the
    offending publications had been produced in the U.S. and, in fact, by the American Red Cross. A Congressional investigation followed, the Red Cross admitting what was already known but denying any agenda: their position being they
    could only furnish that for which recipients had expressed need (essentially, that refusal to furnish the propagandistic material requested would constitute aid distribution “with strings
    attached.” On that note, investigation fizzled.

    Over the years, there’ve been a fair few incidents
    in which various Israeli police, border guards, etc., have discovered Red Cross vehicles to be transporting arms, ammunition, etc. (And the same discovered of the official vehicle of the Bishop of Jerusalem–ironically at the very time he was on his way to negotiate for the release of churchmen (and a church) held hostage by Arab

    When in Korea (in the Army) 1961-1962, I was told by someone who was assigned to the base U.S. Post Office that very many of the Red Cross
    gals there typically sent home money orders far in excess of their salaries (support for the widely-told story the women were intended to serve the pleasure of officers, so to avoid contact with the local “industry”).

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning. It is amazing that his grandchildren seem to view it as a textbook.

    The Classical Liberal world is dead. We not only do not notice it is gone, we do not even understand what the point was.

  5. Surreptitious Evil

    There’s a big difference between the ICRC, the multitude of national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and vehicles entitled to bear the Red Cross (or Crescent) symbols.

    The national societies often get mixed up in national (or parochial) concerns and are subject to the Extremists’ Corollary to Worstall’s Law (if you want to take over an organisation and mold it to your ends, volunteer to act as secretary for various committees).

    The Palestinian “Red Cross” issue was with ambulances – not official Palestinian Red Crescent vehicles. Which have been used to transport weapons, snipers etc. And the Pals have used hospitals as sniper and spotter vantage points, mortar and rocket launching locations etc. Which is why (aside from the occasional ‘missed, damn, err ooops’), the Israeli Army sometimes, albeit rarely, opens fire on such locations.

  6. “…the Hacked Off campaign which is imposing this Royal Charter on us all…” Gosh. I didn’t realise they had such legislative power.

    “.. it

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