This is fun about climate change

And this is reinforced by recent findings that emissions of soot, or black carbon – which patient readers may remember I have been banging on about for years – are causing twice as much warming as previously estimated, meaning that the contribution of CO2 must be correspondingly less.


So while governments must urgently adopt measures to cut emissions of black carbon – mainly from diesel engines and inefficient Third World cooking stoves – they will also have to do much more to control carbon dioxide.

Well, also all those hippies with their wood burners. And possibly even those coal plants converting to biomass……

23 thoughts on “This is fun about climate change”

  1. “…meaning that the contribution of CO2 must be correspondingly less.”

    “they will also have to do much more to control carbon dioxide.”


  2. “Don’t burn coal, you’ll boil the planet”

    “Burning coal has cooled the planet”

    “Don’t burn coal because…..”

    You’re an idiot. And so is anyone listening to you

  3. ‘… to make it the first race ever to generate more energy than it uses.’
    Thus spake the idiot Lean.

  4. Look. I’ve just been reading, how particulate carbon in the atmosphere due to extensive fires, way back in prehistory, dropped the global temperature by 20 degrees & caused extinction events.
    Will these bloody experts make their minds up! It’s very confusing.

  5. “governments must urgently adopt measures to cut emissions of black carbon . . . from inefficient Third World cooking stoves”

    Third World people can’t be allowed to cook their food.

  6. Hippies and their wood burning stoves. We have no hippies in Islington (too expensive), so can someone enlighten me. Do hippies have wood burning stoves?

  7. I remember our aged family doctor fulminating about carbon particulates in the 1950s. Tell us something new please.

  8. “We have no hippies in Islington (too expensive),”

    See you’re not an habituate of Finsbury Park cafe. Or the one up the Parklands Walk. Islington’s got more hippies than cockroaches. And they’re even harder to eradicate. Even putting poison down doesn’t work.

  9. BIS, I am more of a Highbury man, and I suspect I would call them crusties. But please, are they really a bigger proportion than the West Country? What do you think turned Tim into the capitalist running dog he is? And whatever your views on immigration, you have to concede it lowers the proportion of hippies/crusties.

    Its just that Tims possibly justified snark reminded me of the theory that to be truly green you should live in a town, like civilised and urbane people. Not much wood burning here. (I make an exception for farmers and allied trades. Its greens with their antiquated polluting vans that annoy me.)

  10. “And whatever your views on immigration..”
    Do I have views on immigration? Apart from being an immigrant, that is?
    Ferntower Road, N5 was one address from the distant past. I think I was a hippy then. It’s so hard to remember.

    But I have discovered where seasonal hippies migrate to. There’s a little valley in the Sierra Nevadas, positively infested with them. The smell of patchouli oil carries for miles. They’ve got everything. Teepees, dogs on strings, bad dentistry. Should be a world heritage site.

  11. BIS, I have no idea of your views on immigration, but everyone is hysterical over here. But Kurds probably outnumber hippies/crusties in Finsbury Park now. I was invited to a Kurdish new year do there a couple of weeks ago. Odd, cold, but not a hippy in sight.

  12. bis
    Jesus Spit On My Scooter!!!

    You’re as way off as worstall. “it’s so hard to remember” ha ha ha

  13. @ #7 Luke
    Wood-burning stoves are not just for hippies: Agas are for Volvo-driving Grauniad readers. I/we have a wood-burning fire because my wife is a historian and that is the appropriate way of heating our (Victorian-era) living-room but the modern design ensures that it doesn’t emit lots of particulates.
    What Tim is probably referring to is the habit of 60-70s hippies to sit around wood fires – *not* stoves – that produced lots of smoke (much more than necessary due to their ignorance of how to set up a fire, as taught to Boy Scouts, or to their being stoned and not bothering).

  14. John77, I am going to break my rule about late night posting. So you are a hippy? If I have remembered correctly, probably an IFA or fund manager as well? It is truly wonderful to discover someone less deserving than me.

  15. @ luke
    If you meet Xochtl at the Fisbury Park caff, give her my love. A real live Mexican-American communist & family friend of the Guthries & Bob Dylan. How hippy do you want them?

  16. Wood burning is free heat. And with the price of heating oil these days, that’s not to be sniffed at.

    It’s either that or insulate the house, and that would be far too much hassle.

  17. @ Luke #17
    No, I am not a hippy, never have been. I was *trying* to point out that wood-burning stoves are not particularly (and certainly not exclusively) “hippy”; also that modern ones don’t emit lots of particulates, whereas the hippy open campfires do so, especially when they try burning wet or “green” wood.

  18. This is Islington we’re talking about here? The phrase you chaps are looking for is ‘champagne hippy’, I think. And yes, Islington’s full of them and their wood-burning stoves.

    Oh, and John, modern _well-designed_ stoves don’t give off too much soot – and I’m sorry, but soot is a perfectly fine word, being both more understandable and more accurate in this context – but of course champagne hippies don’t buy well-designed stoves, they buy some saw-you-coming style crap which will send off a pillar of smoke that god could have lead the Israelites with.

  19. @ Dave
    Yes, you’re right soot is the right word and what I should have used: I was trying to avoid someone engaging in a pointless distracting argument as to whether diesel engines emit soot.
    I don’t know any “champagne hippies” and I didn’t know they existed, but I am not surprised to learn that: as a teenager I reckoned hippies were almost all well-off middle-class kids “making a statement”. Back in the days when the poor were thin, I (a middle-class kid) was too skinny to wear any jeans that would go over my knees.

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