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Which is where we come to the major problem that angers me. The lies that are told by the campaigners lead to people wasting their time. There just isn\’t any tax that Amazon owes anyway. Worse, the Prime Minister of the UK doesn\’t have any ability to make them pay any anyway, that\’s all been handed over to the EU. Vast effort wasted on a petition that cannot do anything, about tax which doesn\’t even exist, delivered to the wrong person. Doesn\’t that make you angry, that the self-appointed should dissimulate so that the citizenry are that befuddled?

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  1. Yes, of course, if it was about the tax it would be a complete waste of everybody’s time & effort.
    But as a platform for pushing the left’s agenda by showing them battling for “hard working families (TM) ” against the combined forces of rapacious big business & their political opponents, it’s the gift that goes on giving. Either the government is in league with the tax dodgers or it is craven before them.
    It’s all in the narrative.

  2. Yes, agreed.

    The real frustration is that this adolescent ranting crowds out anybody wanting to engage in a serious discourse. There is a genuinely serious discussion to be had right now about the paradigms on which taxation has been based for the past half century and partucularly around the OECD model. It is all drowned out, however, by the hunt for pantomine villains. Into this space step snake-oil salesmen like Richard Murphy with ideas and logic that would make Pol Pot blush.

  3. I think, despite being completely wrong, Murphy and his acolytes are winning the public argument.

    At dinner recently a very good friend started ranting about Vodafone not paying their taxes etc. To him every financial problem in the world could be solved by taking more tax from large corporations. It was all quite simple.

    I patiently explained all the points you’ve mentioned above.

    He conceded every single point.

    But then followed each recognition with a variation on the phrase,

  4. … “ Well, they should still do something about it!”

    Murphy understands that it is emotion that wins arguments, not logic.

  5. Stuck-Record,

    Your mistake is going to dinner parties.

    My own Damascene conversion to minarchism meant that I found them completely intolerable. I still see one couple that are real friends, but I don’t do big group ones as I generally end up getting fed up with someone talking some fact-free nonsense about Israel, Bush or the environment, at which point, I start demolishing their arguments, and it’s rarely pretty.

  6. People seem to prefer the lie that agrees with their preconceptions than the truth that points out the error in their thinking.
    I suspect the media make money catering to such people.

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    I suspect the media make money catering to such people.

    This is trite, even silly. The media clearly make their money catering to the prejudices of their chosen audience. Fox, GMG, the Torygraph, the Sun – it really doesn’t matter.

    Hell, even our host here …

  8. Surreptitious Evil

    Yes. I have had precisely that conversation regarding the Daily Mail. I’m told it’s evil, racist, bigoted, homophobic. I reply; No, it is… its readers.

    There are some idiots follow this blog though; I’m sure you’ve stopped and dwelt on that as much as I have.

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