Trouble at t\’mill

Over at Avoncliff, one of the very loveliest parts of Britain, the millowners are having trouble with the Environment Agency.

To the point that they now think that there has been criminal action by said agency. All complex so follow it here.

3 thoughts on “Trouble at t\’mill”

  1. IANAL

    Its a high risk strategy but if they truly believe in their case perhaps they should consider publishing and be damned. If those being named think they have been libeled they’ll have to put the information in to the public domain to prove their case and then everyone will be satisfied.

  2. I don’t know what they’re complaining about, we all know that State employees are angels of virtue, and would never do anything immoral, criminal or act in any way other than with 100% probity. Indeed its a well known principle of governance that one should accept the word of a State employee as on a par with the Word of God himself.

  3. Jim

    you forgot the /sarc tag 🙂

    In 2010 the ptb put the Civil Servant’s Code of Conduct on a statutory basis – i.e. state bureaucrats are obliged to obey the code on pain of criminal sanction – unfortunately the sanctions for transgression don’t seem to have been defined …

    The Civil Servant’s Code is here (PDF) – make sure your irony detector is turned down / off to avoid distraction from this mercifully short document.

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