Trouble for t\’Courageous State

François Hollande\’s former tax tsar begged for \”forgiveness\” after admitting to having an undeclared Swiss bank account for the past 20 years, as he was placed under formal investigation for tax fraud.

If the political class will decide that the rules just don\’t apply to them then why should we submit to the rules of t\’Courageous State?

BTW, the more I see of extracts from that book the more I am convinced that Ritchie really is a fascist. At some point I suppose I ought to plough through it…..but might be some time before I\’ve nothing better to do.

13 thoughts on “Trouble for t\’Courageous State”

  1. Dunno why it isn t a bestseller, already.
    Look how well Shades of Grey did in the same market.

  2. I refer to the book, “The Young Stalin” a meticulously researched book by the younger Tolstoi. It becomes abundantly clear that any differences between Marxist Socialism, National Socialism and Fascism exist only in the minds of Left-wing apologists.

  3. Kevin: That’s a sweeping oversimplification. There’s many differences between Marxism and Fascism, not least that Marxism sees nationalities as something to be abolished in pursuit of world communism.

  4. If he’s a Fascist, can he run a football club?

    That would be less of a danger to the rest of us.

  5. As someone who has read the book – I would recommend it purely as given your eye for the telling detail, it would probably give you enough ‘Ragging on Ritchie’ entries for the better part of the next year – I usually use the analogy of Brezhnevite or Leninist Russia when discussing Murphy’s vision – it’s easy to forget Mussolini’s Italy (critical to distinguish between Fascist and Nazi) but agree that could also be a model…. Superb blog entry by Simon Cooke (#5) as well – right to mention the appalling Owen Jones, if anything not often mentioned in this parish but at least as worthy of contempt as Murphy…..

  6. @Matthew L: fascism relies on the notion of Us and Them, you merely describe the differences in Them. I recommend reading Umberto Ecos definition of fascism.

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    If the political class will decide that the rules just don-t apply to them then why should we submit to the rules of t-Courageous State?

    This is a feature, not a bug to the left’s bit of the societal engineering crowd. And has been demonstrated repeatedly. From special shops for party members (not just leaders) in Communist States, the ‘not the smoking ban’ and the ‘standard ticket pricing’ expenses for the European Parliament, and the subsidies for the UK Parliament food and drink. And, remember, those are the technically legitimate ones.

  8. The main reason commies hate nazis/fascists is that they are competing for the same support base.

  9. Why don’t you ask Ritchie for a complimentary copy, on the condition you then read it? Tis a gentlemanly disputation after all.

  10. So Much for Subtlety

    So that Unicode change did not work for me.

    MellorSJ – “If he-s a Fascist, can he run a football club? That would be less of a danger to the rest of us”

    It is weird. Why are the British have one of their periodic moral panics over a Fascist who is simply a football manager? Oxford shelters Polish people wanted for crimes against humanity. The Labour Party relies for ideas on former KGB men who hunted down Poles who objected to the colonisation of their land. The Guardian publishes every supporter of suicide bombing it can find. But somehow raising your arm in a Fascist salute – and by an obvious moron at that – is a threat to the nation?

  11. Such Fuckery polluted this:

    “So that Unicode change did not work for me.”

    Yeah it did. The clue is in the “View” part of it. Worstall’s server isn’t translating very well with whatever.

    Anyway, I’m quite pleased. You just leave it and walk away. You are more mad than I am.

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