Well, we knew the lights were going to go out, didn\’t we?

Government to appoint \’Lights Tsar\’ to get Britain switching off
Ministers are stepping up efforts to cut Britain’s energy usage ahead of a looming power crunch, with the creation of a taskforce charged with switching off the country’s lights.

Ghastly little jobsworths marching around the country shouting \”Put that light out\”.

The last time it was because of Mr. Goering and his fascist Luftwaffe. Today it\’s because of Caroline Lucas and the econazis.

Plus ca change, c\’est la meme chose, eh?

This could, of course, be a story only for today.

The Guardian Glass story is theirs I think?

8 thoughts on “Well, we knew the lights were going to go out, didn\’t we?”

  1. You may laugh, but I can remember (strokes long white beard) the early ’70s when organisations had to appoint their own energy-saving jobsworths to go around putting stickers on light switches and turning thermostats to lower settings. Where is Arthur Scargill now, anyway?

  2. The best April Fools jokes are ones that are half believable, especially to your readership. Since many of the Telegraph readers already question the government’s stance on AGW, they are easy pickings for this joke.

    Well I hope its a joke.

  3. @ least the graun knows how to send itself up.

    “I wept like a child at the beauty of the single-estate rhubarb and squirrel risotto.”

    Which has given me a recipe idea.

  4. If that had been in the Independent or Guardian, and on any other day, how many people would have thought it was a joke?

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