Worstall strangeness of the day

An economics teacher at a high school in Miami posed a homework question to her (?) students. Here are a series of articles. The answer to your homework is who wrote them?

That answer being Tim Worstall.

I found this out via Twitter. Obviously.

This isn\’t of any importance at all of course. But worth noting perhaps.

7 thoughts on “Worstall strangeness of the day”

  1. Pedantic - but happy - git

    Hmm. Poor dear has BBCNews-itis – the inability to distinguish between the singular and plural.

    “Here is a series of articles”, not “here are a series of articles”. Just as well it’s not English homework.

  2. Seems odd economics homework as well; surely all they have to do is google the first sentence.

    A question that required them to actually read the articles would seem better.

  3. “Homework” – a task for students set by a teacher to be carried out in the students own time, most often relating to “what we are going to cover next” and specifically designed to see if the students can uncover the source material, or handy alternatives, for those lessons that the teacher simply couldn’t be arsed to …

  4. Pedantic - but happy - git

    @BE – precisely, Watson; it’s elementary, dear boy.

    “A series” being the object, and singular; therefore “here is a series of articles”, not “here are”.

    “Here are several articles”, fine.

  5. Hmm. I wonder what the class was:

    The new Fascism in Europe
    Economic policies for the future

    We should be told.

  6. Economics 101:

    Identify which statement was written by Richard Murphy and which by Tim Worstall,

    Which of the following statements can be supported by economic reality?

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