Yeah, I know, but, blinder of a bumper sticker

If babies had guns, they wouldn\’t be aborted.

As we all know I\’m well out of tune with everyone else on this subject.

But that is a blinder of an election bumper sticker. Full marks for motivating the base on that one.

8 thoughts on “Yeah, I know, but, blinder of a bumper sticker”

  1. There has been a suspicious rise in sales of kevlar to midwives since Senator Inhofe’s rider lowering the legal age for ammunition sales to minus 1.

  2. If you search the BBC news archive, there is one piece, from 2011, about Kermit Gosnell (cut the heads off hundreds of live babies, racially discriminated against black and Asian mothers, carried out an abortion on a teenage girl who had changed her mind, employed a 15-year-old anaesthetist) but dozens on Sandra Fluke, Todd Akin and other individuals of huge concern to licence fee payers.

  3. John B: I’ve known some that gave the impression of containing razor wire, not that I was sufficiently motivated to find out for sure.

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