26% Eh?

Not bad for UKIP, not bad at all.


25 thoughts on “26% Eh?”

  1. The Liberal democrats got half the vote of the BNP and only 155 more votes than the Moster Raving Looney Party.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ……..

    Lib Dems, Winning Here

  2. Your support for them is perplexing, Tim, given they propose massive increases in deficit-funded spending, arbitrary arrest and increased state involvement in how people live their lives, such as what they wear and the relationships they hold. Pretty much the opposite of much of what you blog about, I would have thought.

    Tim adds: They’re also anti-EU. Which is the point of it all after all.

  3. So the true face of Britain is revealed and it seems we have a very large number who have either fallen for Farage’s gormless charm.. or are racist..

    So a significant chunk of the UK electorate are either thick as pig shit.. or scumbags (or possibly both)

    Yeah, let’s celebrate that.. Cheers..


  4. Seth. I’ve quite happily self described as racist here. But I don’t think my non-white g/f would appreciate me translating scumbag into Spanish. So what exactly is your problem?

  5. Dave
    ..they propose massive increases in deficit-funded spending, arbitrary arrest and increased state involvement in how people live their lives, such as what they wear and the relationships they hold.


    If you can recommend a party that doesn’t, maybe we could all support them.

  6. Isn’t their immigration policy a points-based system, regardless of your race? Whereas the “non-racist” main parties favour unlimited immigration of white people from Europe but limits on non-whites from Asia and elsewhere?

    Who are the racists?

  7. “So a significant chunk of the UK electorate are either thick as pig shit.. or scumbags (or possibly both)”

    Yes Seth, we have known about Labour for some time. What’s your point?

  8. “So the true face of Britain is revealed”…
    Well why not celebrate this revelation then. Sounds as if Seth you have a new spring in your step railing against those thicker and scummier than you.

  9. So a significant chunk of the UK electorate are either thick as pig shit.. or scumbags (or possibly both)

    Damn, Rob beat me to it.

    A third of the voters actually voted Labour with Gordon Brown as leader. That’s like voting to eat shit for dinner.

  10. It was in South Shields. So negative brownie points to both the UKIPpers thinking this demonstrates something about the rest of the country, and to the UKIP bashers who think this demonstrates something about the rest of the country.

    Tim adds: However, it does back up my point (and one widely held within UKIP too) that it really wouldn’t surprise anyone if the first (or of the first few) UKIP Westminster seats some were in the Labour heartlands of the industrial north.

  11. The Thought Gang

    @ Hector Pascal

    Very well. The carbon footprint of the votes cast in their favour was negligible.

  12. Tim

    Just so you don’t misunderstand me (and I’ve said it before anyway), I don’t think you are all racist. I don’t think you are all thick – very far from it. I do think you have performed an invaluable service to the country by your clear oppostion to the EU.

    But here’s my first problem: leaving aside the European dimension, can you set out, in simple coherent terms, what UKIP stands for?

    My second problem: how can you tell me that a vote for UKIP at a general election would do anything other than put Labour back into Downing Street?

    Tim adds: “in simple coherent terms, what UKIP stands for?”

    Largely, the rejection of politics as a professional career option. No, I know that’s not in any manifesto or anything. But at the real heart of it (other than the EU issue) is something of a national upchuck at being ruled by those who have never actually done anything in their lives. Decent school, Oxbridge, researcher’s job, MP, Cabinet. In all the parties this is the major source of their people.

    And that’s really what’s going on. Would the poseurs all please sod off and allow some real people, with experience of the real world, to sort this shit out?

    And a goodly part of the anti-EU stuff is exactly that that lot are even worse, a sort of squared version of Westminster.

  13. “So a significant chunk of the UK electorate are either thick as pig shit.. or scumbags (or possibly both)”

    Or they want out of the EU and are voting for the only party that is offering this.

  14. Tim>

    “Largely, the rejection of politics as a professional career option.”

    Wouldn’t that be more plausible if Farage had been told to do one at the same time as Kilroy-Silk? Stuart Wheeler is similarly a long-standing member of the cunt-brigade. And why the fuck is Neil Hamilton on the UKIP executive committee?

    Personally the main reason I’m not as anti-EU as most here is that I don’t trust our home-grown cunts to do a significantly better job than our cunts in Brussels. UKIP haven’t persuaded me they’d be an improvement, so why would I want to hand them the powers they’re asking for?

    As I see it, UKIP is just like the rest, only with a slightly more acceptable set of non-negotiable demands. I don’t want a party with ideology, though – I want one that acts pragmatically and chooses the best solution under any given circumstances. A commitment to leave the EU under any circumstances is just as daft as the existing commitments to stay in.

    What this country really needs is a large section of the House to be made up of Independents.

  15. Tim

    Again, I completely sympathise with and share your frustration. However, you have laid out a protest; nothing more. The problem is, unless you believe in dictatorship, (I know you don’t but if you do then perhaps you should team up with Ritchie) then there is no alternative to democracy. We must vote FOR someone to represent us in Parliament, someone WILL make decisions, will impose taxes, will spend our money. So we cannot just be against things.

    I will repeat, we are faced with a Labour gov’t or a Conservative gov’t. I only want one of those two options. Which brings me to my real beef with you. You may say you think your first seat will be in the Labour North. I simply don’t buy that and actually I don’t think you do either.

  16. To paraphrase Seth and others “The voters have spoken…the bastards!”

    Indeed they have and where a UKIP candidate was available they have received about 25% of the vote.

    Obviously, these being mid-term local elections only about 40% of the electorate will have bothered, but still a good result for UKIP.

    A bonus is that the BNP have been wiped out, presumably because they see UKIP as more electable. Good Ho!

  17. An EU referendum and the end of the BNP. Fair is fair, the country owes quite a debt to UKIP. If success in politics is about changing something, then UKIP is a success already.

  18. Churm Rincewind

    @ TW: In what sense is Nigel Farage not a professional politician? Sure, for time he worked in the City, though as I understand it he’s been politically active throughout his adult life. There are loads of MPs who had jobs before being elected to political salaries – Gordon Brown and David Cameron included – and I don’t see a great deal of difference.

    This is not intended as a personal attack on Mr Farage (as a smoker he has my full support), but I’m really not sure what argument you’re making here. Are you saying that you’d support anyone who didn’t have the career trajectory you describe?

  19. Surely the great joy of ukip is that they are a fairly disorganised rabble, rather than a focus group driven bunch of spivs and pr men who spin and lie and do anything – just for the sake of power.

    And it works too. Cameron is on the run – he’s f*%¡©d and he knows it – e.g. he’s now on about an EU referendum this

  20. Continued:

    parliament much as he must hate the idea – and if he tries to legislate for a referendum, I can’t believe both milliband and clegg are so stupid as to go down in history as the men who “didn’t trust the british people” and vote him down.

  21. Really this whole “racist” label is just a lazy slur. UKIP wants a points based controlled immigration similar to those other racist hellholes such as Canada, Australia and NZ.

    What they are proposing isn’t that radical, but you would think that they are trying to shovel people into ovens they way some people are reacting. The sloppy overuse of the word “racist” itself cheapens and insults the true nightmare of the Holocaust

  22. @ Mark
    It’s why I, personally, am happy to claim the description at every opportunity I can. Saves me having to justify whatever reasonable point of view has provoked the accusation. If the accuser wants to shut down the debate by playing the ‘R’ card, fair ’nuff. Two can play at that game. It certainly provokes some remarkably amusing outbursts of anger, as the accuser desperately tries to stand up the taunt.

  23. If the proposal is to “reject the professional politician career option” then it would be an idea to encourage a certain amount of functional representation (Sharp intake of breath. But why should the fascists have all the good policies 70-ish years after their demise?)The simplest way is to have constituencies varying in size, so,for instance, Corby gets to be represented by a typical, infuriated, Scottish ex-steel worker rather than Louise Mensch who got in because the constituency included an East Northants makeweight, full of always-up-for-higher-house-prices Conservative voters (who could, anyway , be put out of business by a certain kind of tax devised by JS Mill) .

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