And a big well done to the EU here!

Greek youth unemployment shot to a record 64 per cent in February.

They\’re playing a blinder on matters economic. As usual.

8 thoughts on “And a big well done to the EU here!”

  1. Yes, maybe the government should do more to boost employment. They could borrow some money to do it.

    [irony tag hopefully not required].

  2. I’d put zero confidence against that 64% figure. There’ll be loads of illegals in that demographic that simply don’t get counted & many more being counted that are claiming whilst working on the side.
    What you will be getting is an enormous expansion in the untaxed, untaxable grey & black economies. Great stuff, because as Greece’s above the line economy founders it’s real economy of real people is dusting itself off & getting on with digging themselves out of the shit their government & Brussels have dropped them in.

  3. This is tragic news, especially since it will only force more young women to work in prostitution which is a blight across Europe but especially, I hear, in Spain.

  4. But we need to immiserate the Greeks so the Germans don’t invade France again. Maybe unemployment can be redefined as the EU’s fifth freedom – freedom from work.

  5. Freedom from work is not a problem. It is freedom from all the good things that come from having an income via work that upsets people. Southern Med govts thought they could let their citizens have the income without said citizens having to do the work. Most of said citizens were dumb enough (as most people on the entire planet would be in the same circs, given the same bullshit govt promises) to believe the state pork. Come to find out…..

  6. So unemployment is the problem?

    No problem.

    Let the government hire millions of unemployed people.

    Problem solved.

    So far as they know.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    I am constantly amazed ast how much people will put up with if the Upper Class holds solid and does not waver.

    If Thatcher had done this there would have been blood on the streets. In fact we would probably be living in an ex-Soviet republic. But because the Left has marched through the institutions, and they are all Europhiles, people are passively putting up with this.

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