Ellie Mae\’s logic

In his argument that there is no hope for the poor without the middle class, Boyle seems to be adopting the logic of trickle-down economics: the idea that the mere presence of a wealthy class automatically raises the living standards of those below it. But the gap between the richest and the poorest in the UK has been widening since the 70s.

Yer what?

The first part is referring to absolute living standards. The second to relative.

It would, just for example, be entirely possible for relative living standards to diverge while absolute living standards rise for all.

As has been, just as an example, the case here in the UK since 1976.

This is an example of an very unthinking leftist trope. The trump answer to near anything is \”but inequality has risen\”. So?

If we\’re talking about inequality that might be relevant. If we\’re not it may well not be.

2 thoughts on “Ellie Mae\’s logic”

  1. Isn’t this backward logic to their usual?

    E.g. The presence of bright children in a classroom automatically improves the prospects of the less able children; neighbourhoods that have a mix of wealthy and poor create a more positive diverse experience for all, etc?

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