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The Greek protest vote goes to neo-nazis, the Italian protest vote to an anarchist comedian, the British protest vote goes to an ex-stockbroker called Nigel.

What an extraordinarily sensible country we really are.

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  1. Although I suspect the pint drinking, cigarette smoking photo-op from Friday was basic PR, it’s not something that the other three could not pull off without looking like they are taking the piss of the vast majority of the public.

    The turnout of 30% speaks volumes of the contempt we feel for politicians and the irrelevance of councillors in particular.

    Local councillors used to have a certain amount of respect, but since they started getting paid have just become the lowest level of the political trough.

    I have a certain amount of time for Nigel, but UKIP will never be anything more than a protest vote unless they can get people on the streets campaigning for them and find someone with actual electoral experience to sort out the policy and manifesto issues.

    They’ve done well considering they are running on a shoestring and goodwill. What they really need is some high powered financial backing.

  2. TheJollyGreenMan

    I saw Nigel yesterday giving a reply to a Common Purposes graduate, BBC reporter that had the reporter at a loss for words. ‘We will cut the salaries of the council executives, fire the climate change officials, and the translators, to get money to fill the potholes. ‘ Nigel replied to the question about where the UKIP will get the money to pay to fix the potholes. A stunned reporter waffled on about immigrants who can not speak English and Nigel explained that is the kind of immigrants we do not need.

    The obvious logic of UKIP is just too much for the Common Purposes graduates.

    And the big questions that needs to be answered Why do we have so much Tax? Why can’t the Government just spend less? Are still to open to debate.

  3. Does this mean UKIP doesn’t believe the “climate change” baloney? Where does this particular policy leave our host?

  4. It leaves our kind host in a position to accept, for the sake of argument, the basic Warmist premise…

    …then in the spirit of good will, point out that everything that can be done to fix the “problem” has been done, and indeed overdone, so can we all get back to normal life?

  5. Labour’s bright-young-thing Chuka Umunna MP was at great pains to point out that UKIP don’t believe in climate change on Channel 4 news Friday night.

    Just another example of the disconnect between the politicians of the 3 main parties and the general populace. I bet UKIP membership leapt a few points higher after learning that.

    The vast majority of this people know full well that Warble Gloaming is just a con to squeeze more taxes out of the working stiffs to pay for duck cleaning or moat houses (I think that’s the right way around).

  6. @ Luke
    In the world that we (most followers of young Tim) remember, stockbrokers had UNlimited liability and that included liability for the misdeeds of their employees.There were still ancient partnerships with unlimited liabilities in the early years of this century and new ones can be set up.
    So stockbrokers were either sensible or bankrupt and no longer stockbrokers. That applied to Guy Farage Nigel’s father.
    Most stockbrokers who started before 1986 had commonsense knocked into them by their seniors: Nigel Farage started in 1982.
    Most stockbrokers working today in the UK are sensible: they could not serve their clients and earn a living if they were not.
    You should not confuse “barrow-boy” traders in braces employed by banks to make a quick turn with stockbrokers. I have met hundreds of stockbrokers: the ones who were not sensible did not last long.

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