Isn\’t this just beautiful?

Richard Murphy says:
May 13 2013 at 10:50 am

I say tax gap is £95bn

HMRC say £32 bn

EU agrees with me

I have prepared the EU’s estimate

Independent confirmation of the Murphmonster\’s fantasies comes from a report that the Murphmonster wrote.

8 thoughts on “Isn\’t this just beautiful?”

  1. Fascist neoliberal silencing my voice!

    The tax gap was 120bn pounds in 2008 and I have only ever said that it is increasing. Therefore, this estimate must be wrong.

    If the tax gap has shrunk without country-by-country reporting or unitary taxation then it looks like we don’t need them.

    We do need them, so the tax gap must have increased.

  2. Anyone familiar with the history of the original Courageous State, the USSR, will know false statistics and outright misinformation were stocks in trade of that government – why should its modern day adherents (of which Murphy is the most egregious example) be any different?

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