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Isn\’t this just the most amazing surprise?

Women continue to be judged by their looks, Clare Balding warns
Women in television are judged by their looks while men are judged by their voices, Clare Balding has warned as she said this is having a \”pervasive\” effect on society.

Astonishing, in a mammalian species reproduciong by sex there\’s a difference in the way that the two sexes are perceived.

God really was such a bastard when he thought this one up, wasn\’t he?

17 thoughts on “Isn\’t this just the most amazing surprise?”

  1. She certainly wasn’t chosen for her looks, but I’m not sure what her issue is anyway. It’s called teleVISION so the logical extension of her complaint is that men should be chosen for their looks, not women for their voices.

    Most people in her field are actually employed for their knowledge and experience.

    I don’t follow football, but the Sky and BBC rugby and cricket people are almost all ex players. Of those who aren’t, Miles Harrison is about the only major one I can think of, and he is just a very good commentator.

  2. The moral of this is that people who aren’t good looking should cultivate a nice voice and make their names on the wireless.

    My late father knew a man who was on the radio (I won’t name him, as I think he’s still on it) who was nothing to look at, had one artificial leg and the other crippled by some illness or other. He also had a very nice voice and was indundated with fanmail from women which left little to the imagination. Some of them used to send their panties to him at the BBC, and one rich lady used to send a chauffeur-driven car to pick him up. (He avoided it.)

    Men go for looks, women go for voices, as I know from experience.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    To change the subject completely, have I ever mentioned Sailor-s law before? Steven Sailor-s law is that any feminist proposing any change of the law or social mores, does so in such a way that people like her will be more desired after the revolution.

  4. SMFS – yes indeed.

    I have this problem on the rare occasion that I argue wam dragged into the debate on ‘body fascism’. As far as I’m concerned everyone has the perfect right to be any shape they like, to groom or not, and frankly to wash or not. What they can’t do is tell me that I am now mandated to find fat smelly people attractive.

    Which actually seems to be what they mean.

  5. @SMFS
    Now here’s a question. Is there a male equivalent to Sailor s law?
    Because I’ve seen endless suggestions for ways for men to become more attractive. Pills, potions, strange articles of equipment, wigs, body building courses, become attractive to women courses, hypnotism… But we seem to have missed out on the obvious.
    Pass a law.
    I may well write to Michael Gove.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “Is there a male equivalent to Sailor s law?”

    I think there is. Socialism. When you come down to it, socialism is just about people without money but with power taking money from people with money but without power. Or more often than not, people who do not get enough sex demanding access to females from those who control said access.

    Which is why young men are always socialists and old men are usually not. Because young men want older men-s money and daughters.

    But notice men put the blame on women. They think it is just unreasonable that women do not put out and if you explain it to them slowly enough – and everyone stops being so judgemental – women will put more. They seem to be right.

  7. SMFS
    You may well have a point.
    I was, myself. an enthusiastic adherent of the socialist cause in my younger days. Left wing chicks put out & pick up half ( or maybe all) the tab in restaurants, beforehand.
    It’s possible there may be politics involved as well.
    Who knows? Who cares?

  8. From ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’:

    (Rich) Older Man: “You’re only interested in me for my money!”
    Younger Woman (played by Marilyn Monroe): “Of course; you’re only interested in me for my looks.”

    Anyone think they have something original to say?

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “Left wing chicks put out & pick up half ( or maybe all) the tab in restaurants, beforehand.”

    Gotta love em.

    “It-s possible there may be politics involved as well. Who knows? Who cares?”

    Well understanding is the first step to a cure.

    13Ironman – “FromGentlemen Prefer Blondes”

    Hang on, that is not how I remember it. It is the Father who comes and accuses MM of wanting to marry his son for his money. She says “No silly, I want to marry him for your money”. He says “You admit it!”. And she says something like, “Don-t you know that a man being rich is like a woman being pretty; you wouldn-t marry a girl for being pretty, but it doesn-t hurt”.

    She then goes on to claim her intended loves her for her mind. To which the Father claims he is not that stupid.

    Father is convinced and they all live happily ever after.

    At least that is how I remember it but I probably have not seen the film since the 1980s.

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