Monika Kosinska and the Streisand Effect

In the topsy-turvy world of public health, quoting someone\’s exact words constitutes \”smearing\”, apparently. Glibly describing someone as a \’lapdog apologist for corporate interests\’, on the other hand, is perfectly reasonable. Go figure.

You really do want to read this.

Quite apart from being an arrogant sneering cow she\’s also woefully misinformed on the British Constitution. Manifesto policies are not meant to be unopposed. Rather, at Westminster, the House of Lords agrees not to oppose manifesto policies that pass the Commons.

That\’s got bugger all to do with the rest of us opposing an idiocy like minimum pricing.

5 thoughts on “Monika Kosinska and the Streisand Effect”

  1. It’s one of those irregular verbs again where only people taking stands you disagree with are to be criticised.

    I take a brave stand against vested interests

    You are a corporate shill

    He is subverting democracy

    Incidentally, while wading through the EPHA’s atrociously designed website I did spot this gem:
    “What are our values?
    – Equity – Solidarity
    – Sustainability – Universality
    – Diversity – Good governance”

    Not an enormous amount about “best patient outcomes” there, is there?

    Funding for the EPHA seems to come 50%-ish direct from the EU as an operating grant, with most of the balance also coming from the EU in return for running various things. So it’s an EU front organisation of nasty nany-statists who want equality of misery. And they write approvingly of the Robin Hood Tax and tax justice. The LHTD would fit right in.

  2. Monika has a Bachelor in European Studies from the University of Liverpool, Faculty of Social Sciences and received a Masters degree in International Peace and Security at King’s College, University of London.

    Makes a PPE almost sound like a real degree, dunnit?

  3. There’s such thing as a “British Constitution?” I am a Limeyphile, and I follow your politics and culture as time allows. Seems to me that you all lost all sense of liberty about 60 years ago. The end of the big war didn’t deter you from dashing headlong into socialistic squalor and embracing the Marxist dystopia. If you must labor at improving the situation, get rid of all “Facult[ies] of Social Sciences”…they do naught but rot the core out of your culture. Otherwise, quit being Marxist twats. It is unbecoming of civilized beings. [That last part is directed at those Brits that support the continued assault on liberty, such that all of your popular figureheads propound.]

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