New York Bike Scheme Collapses

New York\’s bike share programme, designed to improve the health of its residents, will not be open to cyclists weighing over 260 pounds.

They can\’t find anyone in the city who actually weighs this little.

7 thoughts on “New York Bike Scheme Collapses”

  1. New York is full of skinny people. The homeless, models, stressed stockbrokers, meth and heroin addicts.

  2. I have to agree with Matthew. However, there must be some over 260lbs.

    Maybe they should try in again in a few years time, when I’m sure Bloomberg’s daft ‘no beverages in large containers’ ruling will have ensured that no-one is above 100lbs?

  3. Must say the only people I have ever seen in Manhattan that weigh that much are police officers.

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