Now this is just excellent!

Britain is the world\’s leading exporter of power generators, as they are seen as manufacturers of the “best quality and are the most reliable”, according to latest research.

Isn\’t that just super?

So we\’ll be able to provide for ourselves when the lights start going out then.

Although it does have to be said that running diesel generators because we\’ve built so many bloody windmills is unlikely to reduce carbon emissions.

8 thoughts on “Now this is just excellent!”

  1. In 2008, diesel prices relative to crude prices reached and all time high.

    One of the major reasons was all the diesel generators running in countries like India and South Africa, the result of under investment in proper generating capacity.

  2. Bemused Bystander

    Wait, I thought Britain didn’t have manufacturing anymore since nasty Maggie Thatcher destroyed it?

  3. The Climatologists have just re-written the catastrophe bible to state that we don’t need to worry about CO2 until it reaches 4x the present level. Go ahead and run your genny, your grandchildren are safe.

  4. A friend (with whom I disagree on just about everything) recently wrote of Facebook that wind generators were just about to pay for themselves. When i asked for the basis of this, slightly counterintuitive, claim he quote “academic research” and proceeded to list the acadmeic qualifications of the claimants. i am still waiting for sight of the reaerch itself.

    I just wodnered if anyone else had come across claims like these and could help me understand how these claims can be made.

  5. Ironman,

    Expect this research to be using levelised costs. See this report for details:

    As I understand it, 1 MWh of electricity generated by a wind farm is treated as equivalent to 1 MWh of electricity generated by gas, even though the windmill cannot guarantee when it will produce its electricity.

    Because the windmill cannot provide any guarantee, the gas power station has to be running in the background which increases the cost to the customer, if not to the owner of the wind farm.

  6. TheJollyGreenMan

    British electric generators are OK, just don’t couple it to a British engine. Get a GM, Cat, or Maybach as the prime mover.

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