Oh yes, this will work, won\’t it?

Yunus says \”there is no sense\” in foreign firms \”leaving a country which has benefited a great deal from their business\” but calls on foreign clothes companies operating in Bangladesh to jointly fix a minimum wage for workers in the industry.

\”This might be something like 50 cents per hour, twice the level typically found in Bangladesh. Such a minimum wage would be an integral part of complete reform of the industry, which would in turn help prevent tragedies like that [last month],\” Yunus, who was born in the port city of Chittagong, adds.

Spending more of the limited amounts available on wages is really going to help meet the cost of inspecting buildings, isn\’t it?

3 thoughts on “Oh yes, this will work, won\’t it?”

  1. Major clothing retailers / brands have inspection regimes, designed to check for working standards. Building safety might not have been on the agenda. If they were, then the system has holes and needs improving, if not, add it, and this kind of disaster will become less likely.

    Where wages take a share of the blame, I am too stupid to be able to understand

  2. Once again de white colonial massers decide what best for poor locals who cannot decide such matters as building safety or worker minimum wage themselves.
    Why don’t we just go the whole distance, invade and occupy the country concerned and then be able to set the minimum wages and building standards that we wish then?

  3. Anybody interested in looking for the figures for industrial accidents in the UK?

    Maybe, Australia might like to impose higher standards on us.

    In the meantime, let’s stop buying from ‘sweatshops’ and condemn the lot to not improving their lot.

    Interestingly (although slightly O/T), it seems that transfers from overseas citizens are leaving western aid in the shade in Africa.

    Expect NGO’s to discover a whole plethora of new threats to keep the wolf from their door.

    Doesn’t anybody disband when their time is up?

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