Ritchie finally gets one right

It is convictions that make politics worthwhile

Absolutely true.

Chris Huhne, Jonathan Aitken, Dennis Macshane (well, we can hope)……..

5 thoughts on “Ritchie finally gets one right”

  1. Could do with a bit more of that over here.

    And conviction politicians, Mr Murphy’s reading of the word, fill me full of fear:
    greens (reminds me of snot)
    socialists (oh alright, often the same as above)
    and sundry people ‘who care’!!!

    If I ‘care’ I can allow my ignorance and stupidity to reign supreme and shoot, not only myself, but the rest of the population in the foot too.

  2. @ bilbaoboy
    Depends on your conviction. I grew up in an environment where local politics was about running the town (on our side it was running it *better* and helping people). Our conviction was that those who could should help those who needed it – there were lots of deserving poor, not all of whom were supported by the British Legion: I can remember my parents buying some good quality furniture from Remploy and vaguely remember them buying stuff from the local RNIB workshop. The local Labour Party’s conviction was that more of the value-added should go to the workers (but unlike the southern unions it was perfectly willing to accept a little less than 100% of VA).
    i) Are you saying that those buying Fairtrade goods are shooting them,selves in the foot?
    ii) The main problem with current politics (and Murphy) is greed, not convictions. I was present (my parents took me) at the Conservative Local Government Conference at which Nicholas Ridley proposed paying local councillors and dissent to his original modest proposal increased as he increased the proposed pay rates with his final suggestion getting a near-deafening shout of “NO”. The quality of local councillors has plummeted since then.

  3. I don’t know which is more frightening about Murphy and his relentless fetishisation of politics: that he is too thick to know what Gleichschaltung means, or he does know and thinks it a thoroughly good thing.

  4. @John77

    All of us have convictions and on a local level thesecome through whether in politics or through other channels.

    From blood donors to myriad volunteer opportunities passing through some local politicians.

    Incidentally (and as an aside), the economic case for Fairtrade is far from clear. There is ever more evidence that it doesn’t achieve its aims and causes more problems than it solves. Hardly surprising to many of us. It is certainly a feel good thing, but does it work. Freedom to trade and rule of law do more and more widely than Fairtrade.

    My comment was directed at a national level and at ‘conviction’ politicians. My feeling is that at that level conviction politicians stop thinking and let the ‘tribal’ take over.

    Greens (in all parties) apparently care about the environment and we have Drax changing to wood chips, bio fuels, recycling which ends up as toxic landfill in other countries and endless measures to make energy more expensive, kill people and ruin our economic future based on clearly erroneous simplistic computer models. electric cars anybody? Solar panels?

    But hell, are they convinced? You bet they are.

    You are right. In some cases (many?, most?) personal greed (frequently disguised to the point that I feel some don’t even realise it) and in others gross ignorance and stupidity in the following of a creed without the capacity to consider the background.

    I had to endure the recent comment from a friend at a lunch where we were talking about the measures to bring the bank crisis under control. One woman, once she had fully demonstrated her ignorance on the subject, been subjected to gentle humilliation, flagged up her conviction with the statement that when it comes to the crunch she knows that people who vote right (all 10,000,000) in Spain are worse than people who vote left because the left cares. And whatever the left suggests is right (if you’ll pardon the expression). Even a couple of her socialist mates (politicians) choked on that one.

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