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I write this blog pretty much in my own time because I don’t think anyone funds me to wrok at 6am when I usually begin blogging for the day, or late at night when I often finish. And in between I actually do the work I am paid for.

Isn\’t that an odd statement. For I\’m pretty sure that when we looked at the accounts of Tax Research LLP they said that the Joseph Rowntree folks are funding Ritchie to the tune of £35 k a year to write the blog.

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  1. JRCT funding was for:

    “Personal award for defining a new role for tax in a post-recession UK” – 2 years @ £70K

    “The Joy of Tax – Phase 2” – 1 year @ 35K

    Could be the blog, could be to write the books (for which I guess he keeps the profit). Either way, sounds like a cushy number to me!

  2. Doesn’t Ritchie’s statement constitute concealment of earnings? He needs to talk to a tax advisor pdq.

  3. That whole post seems to be driven by the exchanges here: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2013/05/15/for-those-who-argue-people-are-overtaxed-in-the-uk-and-will-run-away-if-rates-arent-cut/

    … where several commentators had the cheek to question his approach of refusing to publish the data that supported his opinion.

    He’s not very bright, is he. He’s happy to refuse comments that he doesn’t like (his gaff, his rules, so fairy nuff), yet he still, on occasion, chooses to allow people to point out gaping flaws in his research and responds by digging himself into an even deeper hole.

  4. What’s the evil bastard doing in between, anyway? Twittering and so-on. Are we supposed to take his pronouncements more seriously knowing he’s paid to make them?

  5. omg, possibly the most stupid comment he has ever posted, in the comments that The Thought Gang linked to:

    “We clearly do not spend enough

    Or we

  6. omg, possibly the most stupid comment he has ever posted, in the comments that The Thought Gang linked to:

    “We clearly do not spend enough

    Or we’d have full employment”

    It is hilarious to see him backed into a corner of his own making then dismiss valid queries as trolling.

    Made me smile, but made me sad to think that a loon like that actually has any public exposure whatsoever.

  7. Anon (#7) – he has to be the most idiotic writer on economics I think I have ever read – which makes his upcoming position as one of the primary economic advisors to the upcoming Miliband government even more terrifying – the exchange posted by the excellent Thought Gang (#4) is beyond hysteria to the extent that confirms my belief that he is mentally ill….

  8. Yeah – according to accounts of Tax Research LLP files at Companies House, the third sentence: “The principal activities are the publication of a blog (www,taxresearch.org.uk) and specific research and advocacy projects related to taxation …”
    So he’s telling the state that this is the work he is paid for.

  9. Of course if it’s a hobby he shouldn’t be claiming business expenses for it.

    So that’s a proportion of his office costs that should be disallowed.

  10. “according to accounts of Tax Research LLP “…

    No, that’s just neoliberal semantics. He’s paid an annual fee for doing the blog, but he’s not paid to write the blog. Cos being “paid” means paid for the work output (i.e. per hour), whereas the fee is…. just shut up cos he doesn’t have time to answer trolls like you.

  11. Big-Corp: “Nobody pays us to do our advertising and marketing or to run conferences. We just do them as a bit of a hobby really. You know… for public benefit, to give something back.”

    Big-Head: “That’s evil lobbying of government and subversion of the democratic will, that is. Of course you benefit, by twisting the minds and thus the rules to suit your agenda.”

  12. OIM (#12)

    I wish I were joking- sadly it looks like his ideas on tax avoidance will frame the campaign in 2015 – look at the latest piece from Stalinist Owen Jones in the Independent … His influence is growing. I fear for the UK…..

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