Sir Morgan Morgan-Giles

In lighter tone, he complained that Wrens only received threepence extra a day after four years’ good service: “That is not much to give a girl for saying \’Yes, Sir’ all day and then \’No, Sir’ all night.”

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Yet he opposed Wrens serving on warships because [woman-s eternal role is to create life and nurture it; a fighting man must be prepared to kill. Women do wonderful things to men but combat duty to defend us should not be one of them. Vive la difference.] As for homosexual law reform, this was [a queers charter], he declared bluntly, and further evidence of Britain-s degeneration and loss of influence. …. He told Heath to [pipe down [] or jump overboard] during the Thatcher years, and expostulated that it was no wonder the prisons were so full when a man received a month in jail for pinching a nurse-s bottom, adding [Our nurses are so pretty.]

    He sounds a jolly good chap and the flower of British manhood. He will be missed.

    But he is probably wrong about the WRENS. It was the Royal Navy after all. Probably not a lot of reasons to say no after dark.

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