So no double dip then?

The double-dip that never was! Osborne gets a surprise boost as \’growth\’ was 0.0% rather than -0.1%

Sadly, this doesn\’t actually mean anything at all. Except that lefties are going to have to find something else to scream about. But then they\’re never short of that, are they?

8 thoughts on “So no double dip then?”

  1. Some student managed to make the point on QT a year or so ago, pointing out GDP is so imprecise that it’s ludicrous to watch it so closely.

  2. Something I’ve never been able to come to terms with Why does the Public Sector’s destruction of wealth created by the Private Sector count as, “growth”? It appears to me to be growth in the same way a cancer adds growth to a living body.

  3. When you have an answer to that, Kevin, let us know how uncontrolled spending counts as growth.

    Or ‘investment’, as Gordo would have it.

  4. Not the lefties who are hysterical: look at #4 above. The left (what there is of it ,is there any evidence for the continued existence of a Left Establishment?) is surely entitled to comment when, after trying to suppress the public sector on the promise that the private sector will grow to fill its absence,” the intellectual elite” of public-school twits in Government completely fails to deliver. I would have thought that the right wing must be pretty hacked off too : the incumbent bozos are fast proving that the private sector cannot hack it unaided economically. Once they make a mess of rolling back the state ,the game’s up for the leave-the- private-sector-to-get-on-with-the-job brigade. Time ,perhaps, to consider an orderly retreat? Some kind of fall-back position?

  5. @ DBC Reed

    Do you not think the current crap Tories needed some cover from the BC/Guardian shrieks when they try to end (rather unsuccessfully) an ongoing

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