So things are getting better then?

After Mandrake disclosed that a female star of Game of Thrones had refused to disrobe again for the series, Equity, the actors’ union, has raised concerns about how many of its members are expected to bare all at casting sessions.

“We have a duty to promote a safe and healthy working environment,” says Eleanor Dearle, a member of the union’s women’s committee. “We don’t want a workplace that opens doors to sexual abuse.”

Given that historically, the casting couch was actual sexual abuse only having an environment that opens doors to it is indeed an improvement.

16 thoughts on “So things are getting better then?”

  1. This morning’s Tel has a story about a lass who wasn’t offered a job on’t telly because she declined to recline of the casting couch. The reporter lacked the initiative to tell us who did get the job. I think we should be told.

  2. Well, this is silly. If you take on a job, forewarned that it involves “disrobing”, then it’s silly to later refuse to do it. No, not silly. Actually, a Bad Thing To Do. There are no doubt many other actresses who would happily “disrobe” for a major role which will bring them fame and income.

    It’s like taking on a gay part, then two series in saying you don’t want to kiss blokes because it’s icky. Don’t take on the fucking role in the first place then, you twat.

  3. It seems pretty obvious to me that the actress who doesn’t want to take her clothes off anymore is the German who used to be in porn and now wants to be taken seriously. All the others clearly joined an HBO show on the understanding they would have to take their clothes off.

  4. Sibel Kekilli?

    Oh, I hope not. I’m rather fond of her, even if she’s being a total dick to Tyrion at the moment.

  5. Would it be unkind to surmise that people who watch Game of Thrones probably don’t get much female nudity in their real lives?

  6. Probably. There are easier ways these days to look at videos of naked people than sitting through Jon Snow aimlessly wandering around in the snow and Theon Greyjoy screaming, week after week. I’d guess that many more people are watching it for Peter Dinklage.

  7. @Ian B

    Perhaps she was happy to strip when she needed to in order to get the part.. but now, having gotten the part, she doesn’t think she needs to anymore.

    That’s fair enough. Either her part and her performance are strong enough for the producers to keep her around.. in which case she’s just playing her hand very well. OR, she was only around for the norks.. and so they can write her out without much fuss and bring in one of the many ‘who will’.

    It’s all fine saying that she agreed to strip when she signed up, but things have moved on. I doubt a single cast member or writer of that show is getting paid what they did when they first signed up. And that’s as it should be. They’ve got more power and they will use that to get whatever the want.. more cash, less nudity, whatever.

  8. TTG, I don’t know what point you’re making. I was effectively discussing the ethics of taking a job on some set of conditions, then demanding they be changed, whereas all I can see you’ve done is state the is which we’d probably all taken for granted already, rather than the ought.

  9. I feel so boring writing this but…

    Equity and SAG rules are that each contract must state clearly if the role requires nudity. If you won’t do it, you can’t sign; once you’ve signed, get on with it. The well trodden path, however, is the actress (because let’s face it, nobody cares about the actor), once they have extablished themselves, raises her price considerably when contract renegotiation comes around. So it is both commercial sense and perfectly ethical for her to turn around at that point and refuse. This will of course also be about the time she suddenly recalls all the casting horrors to which she and her friends were subjected. The producers won’t up the cash to convince her to reject her new found principles, because the next girl is waiting around the corner, probably at casting, not thinking for one moment she is being exploited.

    And so the world turns.

  10. @ Steve
    LOTR had women, just no whores. That Eowyn was a woman was crucial since the leading Nazgul had been promised that no man could kill him.

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