So this is interesting in The Guardian

China\’s high-profile crackdowns on prostitution have made sex workers more vulnerable to abuse by police and clients while failing to curb the trade, a new report says.

Women described being assaulted by police and other security officials until they admitted to being sex workers, leading to them being fined or detained for up to two years without trial.

This is reported in The Guardian.

You know, the same newspaper that prints Julie Bindel\’s jeremiads about making prostitution illegal so that tarts will be more vulnerable?

Obviously the situation in China is entirely different. Wholly so. Dunno, maybe the slanty eyes make it all look different or summat?

3 thoughts on “So this is interesting in The Guardian”

  1. They don’t have much connection to reality, the likes of the Bindelfly.

    You only have to look at the prohibition of drugs, which has utterly failed to actually prohibit drugs, to see that. Their worldview is predicated on the question, “should X exist or not exist?” and the presumption that passing a law can make X not exist; whereas reality is predicated on, “X will be done regardless, do you want it to be done legally, or done illegally?”.

    That’s puritans though. Barking mad.

  2. That’s puritans though. Barking mad.

    It is, but it’s not just puritans. I was at a conference the other day where some clergyman, who has self-appointed as the CofE’s representative on financial services, declared that people – apropos of incentivising good behaviour – should ‘stop doing things because they are profitable and do them because they are the right thing to do‘ (cue much applause from the non finserv community).

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t really trust bankers &c who don’t act in their best financial interests. I certainly wouldn’t trust them with my money. They might decide that the right thing to do was to give it all to the starving in sub-Saharan africa or similar, when I was planning to use it to buy a house.

  3. Be nice if the photo caption wasn’t “Chinese police arrest a group of young prostitutes”, though. Isn’t the whole point of the story that the people arrested were just the ones they fitted up?

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