So which RSS reader should I move to? Now that Google Reader\’s kablooie?


Must be a simple change, easy to export the current list in Google Reader into another RSS reader.

22 thoughts on “So which RSS reader should I move to? Now that Google Reader\’s kablooie?”

  1. I’ve moved to Feedly ( It seems to work just fine and automatically syncs with my Google Reader feeds. So exporting or transferring not necessary.

  2. Yeah I’m using Feedly
    Bit of a bug in the iOS version at tge moment – cant add feeds. Fix imminent.

  3. (hit submit by mistake)

    Taking your google feeds is one click, in some ways feedly is actually better, though being a reader user for a long time I wasn’t impressed by google.
    I use notes/igoogle & reader and they’ve all gone (or are going)

  4. @TDK

    Feedly have promised to have their own back-end functional before reader feeds are gone.

  5. @Steve Lindsey

    Yes I saw that after posting but it’s still worth highlighting the distinction between the backend RSS feed and the client tool.

    I use Feedler and Google Reader. Currently they both sync to the Reader feed so when I mark something as read in one, it is marked read in the other.

    The point I was trying to make (and not doing it so well) was that some readers without alternate feeds will become useless on 1 July.

  6. Yup, Feedly.

    Just in case you were worried, TDK is talking ex-posterio; you can automatically import all your Reader feeds now, it works extremely well, and will continue to do so post-switchoff.

  7. (comma after now should be a full-stop. Obviously the import of Reader feeds won’t continue to do so post-switchoff)

  8. I’m currently using Newsblur. Importing Google Reader feeds was a doddle – Newsblur handholds you through the process. It even imported my starred items from several years back and stashed them in its own “saved stories” list.

    I tried TinyTinyRSS on my own server, and that was acceptable.

    I also looked at Feedly on the day that Google announced they were closing Reader, but just couldn’t get on with it. Another con with Feedly is that it requires a plugin to work with browsers (or at least it did then.)

  9. Newsblur here. Seems a little sluggish right now, but that may be my machine or the mass exodus.

    Like the way you can highlight preferred topics, and switch between feed and full views.

  10. TinyTinyRSS here, although it’s a bit fiddly to set up if you’re not PHP-savvy and don’t have your own server. On the plus side it’ll never be switched off…

  11. I’m a NetVibes man myself, because you can have Facebook, Twitter and IMAP widgets on the front page, so it’s pretty much the only place I go. No app support for devices, but mobile page is much better than it used to be, so not really an issue.

    (Also allows me to circumvent work firewalls for the above. Shhh….)

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