These things always happen when I\’m away

So I\’m up \’ere \’untin slags.

And Jack, one of the dogs (who we have had ever since he was a tiny puppy….as we have all of them in fact) was this morning lying on the floor and refusing to get up. Indeed, would try to bite anyone (the only any there being the other half), behaviour most unusual for Jack, who tried to move him.


Vet comes out, two muzzles on him (no, really, two) and a doggie stretcher to take him down to the vet\’s office. Slipped disk? Broken hip? Is this the end for our dear Jack?

No, he\’s got a clicky hip as a result of age and it had clicked. Painkillers for a bit and Ca tablets. Feed him a bit of chalk essentially.

But these things always happen when I\’m not at home. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “These things always happen when I\’m away”

  1. How many critters have you got then Timmy? Tell all.
    We have a grand old Bagpuss looking Catfather, who presides over three kittens. And torn curtains, raggy chair-covers, catnip mice all over the floor, and an array of shredded bath towels.
    Tonight, well actually about two thirty in the morning, our alarm clock will ring and we will dive under the blankets while Felix, Sylvester and Trixie go careering around the bedroom like blue-arsed flies. Business as usual.It kind of works for us.

  2. Same here. Most recent cat had to be put down while I was away on business, week before last. Mrs V taxiing/being run to the vets every day by a friend because the week before that some tosser totaled our car.

    His predecessor, a real tough bastard cat, also got very sick when I was on a business trip and was put down after a stroke, the morning after I got back. Mrs V likes to think he waited for me to come home and say goodbye.

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