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This German efficiency lark

It takes 10 days just to get an appointment to see the notary to start the company formation process.

I can incorporate in the UK in 15 minutes online.


And, joyously, I sent them an email to ask for an appointment. The secretary said she had \”printed it out and given it to the notary but had not had his reply as yet\”.

The PanzerGruppen would have been ready to roll sometime in 1957 under this system.

13 thoughts on “This German efficiency lark”

  1. TheJollyGreenMan

    A few years ago the Economist, which I used to subscribe to, before they started preaching Global Warming and Carbon Tax bullshit, ran an article about European efficiencies. Britain came top. One factoid which stuck in my mind is the fact that the Germany postal system uses 3 times more workers than the Royal mail. Even allowing for greater distances, that is quite a difference.

  2. Hernando de Soto wrote a very good book on this very subject. In some countries it might take 100 to 1000 days to incorporate, and your third generation house in the favela is never going to appear on the land registry.

    Of course, the German bullshit is to placate the powerful Notary Trade Union but governments need to be a bit wary here. The more useless impediments and taxes you impose, the more you drive economic activity underground.

  3. I contracted a couple of German tugs for a project, and as none of the crew were allowed to exceed the statutory eight hour working day and as it was a 24/7 project, the client was obliged to pay for three crews per vessel. You can argue expertise comes with a cost. But the Germans would say that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

  4. Wow.

    Shades of Dilbert’s boss: “I haven’t read your email because my secretary is on holiday so there’s nobody to print it off for me”

  5. Have you considered that the bureaucracy was imposed to make sure the Panzergruppen didn’t roll again??

  6. Is that what you’d call supply side ? If so, is much talk about supply side reforms a bit of a red herring? Not a bad idea, just not that important.

  7. I recently watched (on Sky, obviously as BBC don’t do ‘Britain is best at this’) a French lady living in London and running a cake shop (I think) who said:

    – It would take me 10 weeks to try and form a company in Paris, weeks & weeks to get a lease on the shop and 10 weeks for broadband & a phone. So I gave up and moved to London.

    – a day to set the company up, a day to agree the lease on the shop & 48 hours for a phone and broadband. All up and running within 7 days.

    Perhaps BIF would comment.

  8. ala bloke in france

    …Hernando de Soto wrote a very good book on this very subject…..

    I can very much recommend it, to anyone wanting to know why some countries are poor.

    Another good read is

    Basically its all the fault of politicians. But then readers of this blog knew this.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Serf, the Hernando de Soto book BiF is probably referring to is the earlier but better The Other Path.

    Which has some very good graphics on the nightmare that is the legal economy of Peru.

  10. S’pose it would be possible to argue the summer offensive of ’40 was the reinforcements to the ’18 spring offensive, after they’d completed the proper forms. Objectives were very similar.

  11. SMFS: the economy of Peru is no longer a legal nightmare. The Other Path was written before Alberto Fujimori’s government modernised it.

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