Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Another installment in the great Chang adventure.

3 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Tim

    This argument of his, as you describe it, is so asinine that this time I am struggling to believe you.

    So I am going to ask you to be really honest with us and own up if there is any crucial element you have left out. Otherwise we really are left with “people in capitalist countries are so very much richer than people in non-capitalist countries because capitalism doesn’t work”. That simply cannot be his argument.

    On the other hand, if it isn’t, then it’s very hard to know what on earth he is trying to say.

    P.S. Don’t you dare tell me to go and read it myself!

    Tim adds: Well, that pretty much is his argument you see…..

  2. Baumol’s cost disease. An economist like Chang should have heard of it.

    Tim adds: That will be mentioned in tomorrow’s extravaganza!

  3. Tim

    I chanced upon this book over here (in the US), and having read various partial non sequiturs from the man in the Grauniad, I was interested. Tell me you’re not planning to tackle all 23 chapters?

    To date, great refutation in your first three entries- in his defence (and this may be due to his Nationality) he is at least civil, unlike a certain Downham Market based tax evading accountant whom we all know and love…..

    Tim adds: Yup, all 23 things.

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