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At the ASI.

Council housing causes unemployment.

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  1. You refer to research on the effect of home ownership, and them provide a plausible model as to why high levels of council housing (under current rules) might reduce mobility and so increase unemployment. You then say it *does *increase unemployment.

    I could not see a link to evidence saying it * does.* have I missed something?

  2. You could also say stamp duty causes unemployment. Or indeed that taxing rental income causes unemployment.

  3. “Stamp Duty causes unemployment.” Indeed, in a round about way, Tim has said that. More, he has called SDLT a Financial Transaction Tax. He is right about that too.

    This research is important . It touches not just on economic factors but also on profound social anchors that go to the heart of the British mentality. Depending on how you wisht o look at them, these anchors either hold our communities together or hold us back.

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