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  1. Every 12 months or so Tim gets the opportunity to dust off his article about consumption being the point of production, imports being the point of exports. And he can do it with a clear consience because the idiot implying otherwise has a string of letters behind his name and wears his academic institution as a shield.

    I’m sorry Tim mate, this is too easy for you. Find a harder target and start to earn your corn.

  2. I’m pretty sure “The WEIRDest people in the world” by Henrich was about different people’s responses to the ultimatum game (this is in response to an earlier Chang article).

  3. Ironman-

    Tim says it, I presume, because despite being true hardly anyone understands or acknowledges it. Bastiat said it, two hundred years ago, over and over again in slightly different ways. He used every colourful example he could think of; candlemakers’ petitions, railways, broken windows. Because it is one of the most fundamental misunderstandings that drives bad policy. It really is so incredibly important, it needs saying every day. It should be recited by every child at school every morning. It’s the thing about economics. It’s one of those “if you don’t understand this, you don’t understand anything” things.

  4. Tim

    As always superb – but you forget for the likes of Richard Murphy(maybe not Chang – that is open to question, although he writes in the Guardian he appears a degree more sensible than the LHTD) it is all about helping the producers, rather than the consumers. That is how the economy was set up (primarily) in 1978 and that is the era that he and his increasingly shrill army of fellow travelers would like it to be again. No use harking back to 1776 with these people – their knowledge of history doesn’t extend back beyond the decade prior to Thatcher, and their recollection of that time is pretty rose tinted.

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