Timmy elsewhere

Yet more on capitalism at the ASI.

5 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. I’m thorougly enjoying the series and accept the economic point entirely. But we do have a substantial pool of humans capable of making things that can be dropped on feet but not capable of getting the PhDs and MScs to push back the frontier, or probably even working in a call centre. Leaving aside the crude assumption that their idea of a good thing to do with increased leisure time is to get drunk and smash up other peoples’ property and raise a huge brood of like-minded heirs on a diet of Jeremy Kyle and Cordon-Councilestate, shouldn’t we be looking for some way to harness the foregone productivity these guys are capable of producing? Especially as through the welfare system we (quite humanely) put a lower bound on what they would be prepared to get out of bed for?

  2. I agree, great series and looking forward to the rest

    It would be good to have these as a small booklet when finished a I can think of a few people I would give then to.

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