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At the ASI.

A very bizarre claim by Chang.

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  1. Interesting piece, though I can’t say I understand everything here. However, I thought one of the problems facing Africa at the moment is that it’s too much like the wild west, that the free market is just too free. I’ve read that the Chinese are taking over with… I almost said ‘missionary zeal’ but it’s more like an armed invasion. So many places are being exploited worse than ever by devious types willing to do anything for a quick profit.

  2. An excellent piece – this struck me as one of the most egregious errors of the entire Chang book. I’m guessing your familiar with the work of the late, much lamented Lord Peter Bauer (a co-author of Sen). He’d have heartily endorsed your rewriting of the Left’s utterly slanted version of Sub Saharan African history….

  3. A necessary article. You highlight one of the dirtiest aspects of leftist analysis: if the facts don’t. Fit, change the facts. Thus UN development targets aren’t what we wrought they were. So halving the numbers in absolute poverty didn’t happen or doesn’t matter because it’s relative hunger that we are measuring and always have been. And small farms. Have always provided enough food for a family, despite all those studies that show otherwise and completely contradicting the claims we ourselves made when we were calling for giant collectives farms like they had in the Soviet Union. And ’80s Soviet sponsored dictators were really tools of the Western capitalist exploiter.

    International Socialism failed Africa just as it failed everyone else. Chang and his cohorts need to be exposed for the frauds they are.

  4. TheJollyGreenMan

    The role of that Marxist institution, the LSE, needs to be expanded. Before independence a host of African intellectuals were shipped to that cursed institution and returned to wreak havoc on the Mother continent.

  5. @ TJGM
    Not just Africa What about India which enjoyed a LSE graduate as finance minister for most of Nehru’s reign? Lefties try to tell us that India was poor in 1947, after fighting off an invasion and losing most of two harvests but ignore how poor Britain France and Germany were at that time and how richer we became while India’s GDP/head virtually stagnated. post-independence

  6. It really is amazing the number of lefties and other do-gooders who think because Maggie was in power in the 1980s, the entire world was following her ideology. Clearly the Cold War is no longer taught at schools

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